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I am the fourth daughter of 9 children. With seven sisters, and one brother I spent a tumultuous childhood bouncing from state to state and relative to relative before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force at age 18. Now I am still bouncing from state to state at the request of "Uncle Sam" having proudly served for 10 years. As a single parent to a 4-year-old ball of energy, I am reminded daily of the beauty in the team sport known as "life".  From a young age, I knew that I wanted more than what my circumstances suggested was possible. Although I haven't quite figured out how, I have managed to not merely survive, but thrive, in spite of the domestic, emotional, and sexual abuse I endured as an adolescent. I've since dedicated my life to helping others and to being a safety net for those in need. Along the way, I have proven, if only to myself, that I am capable of ending the cycle of abuse and abandonment. Through the power of sharing my experiences, I've overcome Post Traumatic Stress, severe depression, and social anxiety. But there are days that I am still a bit socially awkward, still working on it! Ultimately, I share my struggles and my successes in hopes of inspiring others, to share with them that with a little bit of Grit, and a lot of Grace, anything is possible.
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