Love the Life You Have Today: Here’s How

17 Things to Do to Make the Most of 15 Minutes

Yesterday, I felt like a hatchling building strength and in a state of preparation.
Today, I feel like a soaring eagle, ready to take a risk.
One thing our mind does subconsciously is give us second thoughts.
We immediately respond to positive things in our life with excitement.
In as little as one minute after good news, doubt and fear creep into our souls.
It could be paralyzing. It could take away your happiness.
I’m here to tell you that you should only focus on today.
Your present moment could be your last moment, and we know, every new day is a gift.
We are taught from a young age that it is important to build, but there must be balance.
If you do not enjoy your present moment along life’s journey, you’re placing your happiness on hold.

If you spend your whole life building for your future and lose it all tomorrow, what will keep you alive?

Love your life right now, because tomorrow was never promised to us.
Love your family now, regardless of the circumstance, they are your family for a reason.
Love yourself now, because if you don’t love yourself first, no one else will.
Love this moment, because time continues to move and we can’t let life pass us by without living in each moment of it.

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