My Story Rewritten, Yours Can Be Too


My life story began as a child of a hurt woman who fled the unfaithfulness of a husband. Her pregnancy came when she fell in the arms of another man seeking comfort.

I was the product of hurt, and a thirst for love, and I became a decision faced by a mother who was not ready for motherhood.

My beginning could have looked like this:

I am:
A child of hurt, shame, and secrets
A choice to make
Without value or purpose
Another child, if born, headed for Foster Care

Yet that was not the end—that is not who I am.

I am not:
An unwanted daughter
A daughter of shame
The choice to end a pregnancy

Instead, my mother’s decision, and life itself, has taught me this:

I am:
The child of a courageous mother
Re-claimed and redeemed
Loved unconditionally
Created on purpose, for a specific purpose
Valuable to this world to do big and amazing things that only I can do
Beautiful, pure, lovely

Ladies, the choice is yours. Don’t run from what you may have been; don’t let others portrayals embrace you or define you. Use them to rise from where you were in order to understand and love the hurting and the lonely. You have a powerful life story that only you can tell.

All of your life (good, bad, and ugly) makes the lovely tapestry that is to be uniquely you.

So from me to you: I am glad you were born… You are one of a kind! You are a beautiful woman filled with purpose.


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