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Beverly embraces every season of life and is relishing the one she's adventuring through right now as a new retiree. She was born in a home for unwed mother's in Kansas and raised in the Carolina Lowcountry. She lived in several foster homes the first year of life, then was reunited with her birthmother who then met the man Beverly lovingly calls her Daddy. Her life of secrets and shame, forgiveness and redemption is all woven together for good into what Beverly calls her “beautiful life tapestry.” Her love story is one of the most poignant scenes; she and her motorcycle-riding, guitar-playing, military, marathon man fell in love, lost each other during the Viet-Nam war, then found each other years later after growing up, in and through some storms of life. She has managed a law office, a medical practice, a realtor, a sales profession, and a family business. She has been a juvenile detention agent, a women’s ministry leader, a coach, a mentor and manager of a large family of five daughters, 17 grandchildren and military wife to Mike, who served 20 years in the Navy, then started his own business in NYC. They now reside in the tropical paradise of Southwest Florida when they aren’t traveling in their 39 foot motorhome, towing a motorcycle and looking for adventure. In the summer months, Beverly can be found holding Granny Camp in various locations enjoying teaching and loving on her boatload of grandkids.

Remember when you were first married and you couldn’t wait to get your hands on your man’s body? I have been in love with

Graduation Day How Will My Kids Survive Without Me

It seems like only yesterday that I was the tear-streaked mom sitting in the bleachers watching two daughters graduate from high school. Two best

Why You Want to Be a Bucket-Filler Kind of Friend

I want to be a bucket-filling kind of friend. As women in today’s world, we are forced to wear many hats, endure many demands, be

Stop Look and Listen to People Passing By

Stop, look, and listen to the people around you. Do you really know the story behind the sad faces or even the mad faces

How to Start Your Own Granny Camp

Several years ago I began Granny Camp. Yes, that means I’m a grandmother (even though I’m the cool one that rides a Harley). I

I Am Not Half, I Am Whole

God bless the messy road that made me who I am. I am in awe of how each season of our life prepares us for the


My life story began as a child of a hurt woman who fled the unfaithfulness of a husband. Her pregnancy came when she fell

Running on Empty Mom

Running on empty, who is going to fill MY tank? I love being a woman, a Mommy, a business woman, and a nurturer