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Take It Easy—On Yourself

Take it Easy—On Yourself

We work very hard to give others a break, at least most days we do. But when it comes to ourselves—that can be the toughest person to forgive. Not sure why, but we are often the last person who we want to let off the hook.

We cling to thoughts like, “I should have known better… What was I thinking?” and, “I can’t believe I forgot that” or, “I must look like the dumbest brick in the room.” Newsflash: we’re are all in the same boat of imperfection, and we just need to take it easy!

Next time you want to give yourself a one-woman smack down, remember these 5 things to say to yourself:

1. My best teacher was my last mistake.
2. No one will remember this five years from now. (And usually it’s more like five minutes from now.)
3. I am just proving that I’m not perfect, in case anyone wondered.
4. Plan G is usually the one that works anyway.
5. Today’s screw up is tomorrow’s story—make it a good one.

Really ladies, there is nothing you can do that can’t be fixed, undone, or overcome. The reality is that most of what we are hard on ourselves about doesn’t even matter when we get up the next day.

So do yourself a favor—wake up tomorrow morning and every morning after that and say this, “today is the day I’m just going to give myself a break.”

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