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What Does It Take to Be a Strong Woman of Grit and Grace?

What Does It Take to Be a Strong Woman of Grit and Grace

What defines a strong woman? Can I become strong? How do I find my purpose? Do I have to know my purpose?

These questions can become increasingly difficult to answer as the water becomes muddier in today’s society. As a place for strong women and those who want to be, we know you have everything it takes to face each day with strength, grit, and grace. And as for your purpose… Well, that’s personal, deep, and ever-changing. Just know that you are not defined by one box, one title, or one role in your life. You are defined by your heart and character. Living each day of this #gritandgracelife means facing them head-on and being confident in who you are. These articles are meant to encourage you in that:

How Do I Know What Defines Me?

How Do I Know What Defines Me?I am single. I am widowed. I am married. I am divorced. I am a mom. I have no children. I am a career woman. I stay at home. I am an artist. I am a cancer survivor. I Read more

Why Now Is the Time You Should Rethink Your “Purpose”

It may be time for all of us to stop obsessing about our purpose.

Does that statement shock you? I can assure you it did me the first time I thought it! After all, our purpose is us, right? It’s Read more

You Don’t Have to Be Strong All by Yourself

You Don’t Have to Be Strong All by YourselfI’ve thought a lot about strength lately. Working full-time, raising three young kids, my husband going through a job change… During this crazy life stage, I hear a lot of, “You’re so strong”; “How do you do it all?”; Read more

This Is Why Women Are Great Defenders of the Helpless

This Is Why Women Are Great Defenders of the HelplessI grew up around resilient women who modeled for me the small ways that one could stand against the face of oppression and seek to right injustices.

My mom was one of these women, and I wanted to be just Read more

What defines a strong woman? Can you become strong? Yes. You. Can.

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When a Strong Woman Is Quitting, But Not Failing

When a Strong Woman Is Quitting, But Not FailingYou’re reading this because there is something in your life that you have an inkling you need to let go. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a dream, or a life path, you know you really shouldn’t be involved Read more

A Woman’s Grit Is Her Biggest Asset for Success

Have you ever been introduced to an idea that radically changed your life? Did this idea not only explain your past frustrations but offer direction for a better future? Recently I have. In essence,

Read more

Do Women Need to Be “Empowered” to Display Strength?

Do Women Need to Be "Empowered" in Order to Display Strength?When speaking to the world of women’s issues, one of my least favorite words in the entire world is empowerment. Not only do I find it entirely overused, but I believe our gender already has within us an enormous Read more

Unsure of Your Purpose? Discover It With These 5 Steps

Unsure-of-Your-Purpose-Discover-It-With-These-5-Steps-ORIG“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.” – Nietzsche

The beginning of a new year. New hopes. New dreams. New goals. New resolutions. We start with so much hope, and yet I’ve rung in Read more

Every Woman Is Unique, but This Is What We All Struggle With

Stuck-In-a-Rut-Here’s-How-to-Get-Some-PerspectiveI have spent the last four years of my career mentoring women through online health groups and business coaching. I spend every day talking to women who have fears, doubts, insecurities, but more importantly who have dreams and aspirations Read more

10 Behaviors Found in the Inspired Woman

You cannot mistake an inspired woman. Right away there is something enchanting about her. But what exactly is it? Why is it so hard to put your finger on what makes her so?

Here’s the thing: many of us are Read more

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