Why Is Daily Inspiration and Motivation so Important?

Why Is Daily Inspiration and Motivation so Important?

Life can be busy, crazy, and full of ups, downs, and turnarounds no matter what season you are in because, life is life. It can also be in slow motion as you go through times of rest, healing, and being in the in-between of chaos. No matter where you find yourself, it is vital for you to seek and find inspiration in your every day, because there you will find motivation. And where you find motivation, you will also find inspiration. It is a beautiful cycle.

But why?

I have no doubt that you are doing great and impactful work with the days of your life. You are working. You are mothering. You are studying. You are creating. You are inspiring and encouraging all of the people around you, by doing all of your things. You are doing great.

But, in the midst of all of the great work happening, we can lose ourselves in it to the point of burning out. I have been there. I can get so caught up in my main goal, graduating from college, that I am to the point of tears. My attention has been so focused on performing well, showing up, and giving my all to my commitment that I forget why I am doing this work in the first place. What is the point?

I get so caught up in what I am doing that I start to only seek out my friends and family for affirmation, and forget that they have lives. While it is great to have support in our lives, through friends and family, there is so much more to them than their ability to encourage us. They need us to be present with them, instead of using them as a motivation gas station.

So instead of living in a constant cycle of solely relying on the people around us for quick tune-ups, what can we do?

Read stories, encouraging stories that relate to your work.

Dig up encouraging emails, notes, or letters that remind you of your “why.”

Pick up a book that speaks to your current struggle.

Engage in a great coffee conversation with a friend.

What do you love to do, read, eat, and experience that helps you refocus? Do that more.

Taking 15 minutes to seek out inspiration and re-align yourself with your motivation not only helps you mentally perform at your best, but reaffirms and ignites you to dive into your place of influence. Because what you are doing does matter, even when you cannot see or feel it right now.

Just because you have a clear vision or passion in your life, does not mean it is going to be easy to follow through. Work is work, life is hard, and you are not perfect. You will lose sight of your “why” and what is important to you. But, that does not mean you stop trying. It means you need to care for your own soul, remembering your why, before you can start the next thing on your list.

You need it. You deserve it. And it will reflect amazingly in the work you are doing and the new chapters to come.

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