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Praying for Your Husband Daily (video)

Did you know that our Brand Ambassador, Julie Graham, does a video series called #PrayingForYourHusbandDaily? This series was a large part of her first marriage, and she’s bringing it back in honor of her recent engagement.

In an article where she talks about creating this special series (which you can read here!), Julie admits that the videos transpired out of a difficult marriage. She understood that her marriage was destined to be a sacred and unbreakable bond worth fighting for; so with its challenges came an invitation for God to help sustain it.

Taking her series live on Facebook to encourage others in a similar situation, Julie built an online community of women who desired God’s hand on their own marriages and found inspiration through Julie’s experience and vulnerability.

Whether your marriage is healthy or a struggle—or even if you’re single with plans to marry—#PrayingForYourHusbandDaily is for you! You’ll learn how to pray for and see God work in your relationship, so you can enjoy the journey of marriage with grit and grace. We invite you to join!


This is a video series from our Grit and Grace community sharing their insights, heartbreaks, and humor, encouraging others in the joys and struggles of every day.

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