Take It Easy—On Your Friends

take it easy on your friends

Do you ever butt heads with some of your favorite people in the world? Those friends who hold a special place in your heart—who’ve cried with you when you cried, laughed alongside you at the craziness of life, and even chided you when you needed that extra kick…

Let’s talk about keeping a great friendship alive. It doesn’t take a lot, even though sometimes it may seem like it does.

Here are 5 things to remember for every friendship you want to hold onto:

1. You’re not a perfect friend.
When you feel like you’ve been let down or disappointed by someone who you thought would never fail you, remember that friendship is a relationship between two imperfect people—and you are one of them. You will need grace on occasion, as will they, so give it.

2. Opposing views are a wonderful thing.
So one of you is a Republican and the other a Democrat. One argues the benefits of building a career, the other holds to making a life on the homefront. The wonderful thing about friendship is the diversity it can bring. There are very few ideals that are wholly perfect. The opportunity to view life from a different perspective is a gift, not the basis for an argument.

3. Embrace one another’s strengths.
Your friend has talents and abilities you don’t—appreciate them! You can wield a drill and she can cook a mean apple pie. Friendship is not a competition but a blending of gifts and talents as we walk with one another through life.

4. Remember the good times.
When you’re irritated at her or she’s irritated at you, remember the reason you were friends to begin with. It reminds you that it’s worth the effort.

5. Laugh together.
Put aside the tension and go do something fun. Share a crazy outdoor adventure, hit the movie theater to partake in a must-see romantic comedy, or play a rousing game of whatever floats your boat. A step off reality to just enjoy life will reignite any friendship.

Friendship matters and is worth the effort. It really does require a bit of grit to keep it going and a whole bunch of grace. At the end of it all, just take it easy on your friends because you can be sure the day will come when you’ll need them to do the same for you!

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