Take It Easy—On Your Man

Take It Easy—On Your Man

Sometimes we can be a bit hard on the men in our lives, mostly because we don’t understand how they do life. The good news is that our genders are different. Understanding and appreciating those differences will help us relax. Whether it’s a boyfriend, boss, co-worker, son, or spouse, when we remember that they just think differently, it can simplify life and reduce conflict.

So here are a few things to never forget when you are dealing with the opposite sex:

1. Men hear what we say, not what we mean. It’s movie night and you say you don’t care what you see, he believes you really don’t care—then immediately purchases tickets for the biggest action movie in the theater.

2. They want to fix our problems. While we are busy sharing life’s challenges, sparing no details of the problem in our world, our counterpart is busy creating a plan to fix it all—but all we really wanted was a listening ear.

3. They see only one thing in the room. Whether it’s the TV screen, their iPad, or the tools in hand, men are single-focused. Multi-tasking is not in their wheelhouse, but focus certainly is.

4. When they say they are thinking about nothing, they really are. No hidden agenda, no manipulation, they are simply capable of giving their brains a break. (We can only dream of a mental vacation.)

5. They have a weekly chest-pounding requirement. They need to feel success and to be congratulated in the process, especially by the females in their lives.

So listen, the guys in our lives sometimes need a break from our expectations. The next time you’re feeling a bit frustrated, step back and take it easy. Once you understand them, you’ll realize they really are pretty great.

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