The Greatest Beauty Product You’ve Never Heard Of, on the Cheap


If you’re anything like me, you love the power of makeup! Whether your beauty routine is a simple moisturizer and sunscreen duo or you love to go “full glam” on the regular, spending time taking care of the skin you’re in and having a bit of fun while doing it can be a relaxing and fascinating process.

A quick YouTube search on “The Power of Makeup” will yield thousands of video tutorials of the step-by-step process each vlogger uses to enhance or even transform their appearance. Take a look in the video notes and you will find a complete list of the products used to accomplish the look—and wow, that list can be extensive and expensive!

It wouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself experiencing a twinge of jealousy when reading the list of fabulous (and pricey) beauty and makeup products, but the truth is that the more experienced vloggers actually get those items for free. So, for those of us who may be on a much smaller budget but still want to attain impressive staying power on our daily makeup routine, I want to let you in on the greatest beauty product that you’ve never heard of… Well, that’s an exaggeration. You’ve probably heard of it, just never used it—because it’s a men’s product!

Like most other things in life, the secret to a long-lasting and beautiful makeup routine is a good foundation. But, moisturized skin and a solid primer help the staying power of your makeup, regardless of the brand used. Primers come in all shapes and sizes, but most often are found in small bottles around one ounce in size (with price tags from $16 to $36). That’s a pretty hefty amount, wouldn’t you say?

Enter: Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.

Nivea-Men-Sensitive-Post-Shave-BalmYes, a men’s post shave balm works incredibly well as an alternative to primer! I admit, when I first heard the suggestion, my brows furrowed in doubt, but I was willing to try it because, get this—for 3.3 ounces of product, you’re looking at a $6.49 investment!

That price point was all I needed to hear. The next day I stopped at my local grocery store and picked one up. An added benefit of this product is that it’s carried in just about every major storefront like Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, but it’s also easily purchased from (because we really need another excuse to use that Prime shipping, right?).

When beginning my beauty routine the next day, I swapped my primer for the shave balm and I was blown away. Astounded. Speechless, even—and if you know me, you know that’s quite a feat!

The balm went on smoothly, and although there was a scent when first applying it, it quickly faded and my makeup applied with ease. Even my highlighter seemed to “pop” a bit more!

I was impressed, but wanted to see how its reported staying power measured up throughout my day at work and home. Wouldn’t you know that all day I received compliments on my makeup, and by the end of the day, I looked in a mirror and saw that my makeup looked nearly identical to the way it did that morning.

With that, I was a believer. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d used a primer that held up as well as this had. Affordable, sizable, easy to use, and long-lasting—what more could you want in a beauty product? I dare you try it!

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