10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Staycation


Traveling can take a lot out of you and can even leave you with the need for a vacation to recover from your vacation. It is easy to forget about all of the planning, preparation, and time it takes to get to and from somewhere, especially when everyone you know seems to be posting pictures of their dream vacations on social media. Not to mention that your wallet and energy levels are really the ones often determining your destinations.

Contrary to what the exotic travel pictures imply, to achieve optimum refreshment some vacations may best be spent close to home. Consider an official staycation to explore things locally for a fraction of the cost and energy expended. Uncover some of the gems in your own town or take the time to finally catch up on some much needed rest.

Determine what it is you need from the break: family reconnection, alone time, relaxation, inspiration, a mixture of these, etc. and then make a plan. Be intentional with your well-deserved vacay and you will avoid the feeling of having wasted precious time. Treat staycations like out of town vacations by putting in the effort and time to plan and prepare well. Benefits of a staycation are not only saving money but gaining a few extra days of rest by eliminating the investment it takes to travel to and from somewhere. The money that would have been spent on gas, flights, hotels, etc. can be freed up to do extra special things close to home that you may not have considered splurging on previously. Or, you can begin saving for that exotic dream vacation you will be taking in the near future.

Here are 10 suggestions for making the most of your next staycation:

1. Sleep in and enjoy brunch out.

2. Consider buying an annual membership to a local museum, park, etc. and start using it immediately. This is the type of investment that will outlast the initial week of vacation, giving you and your family the opportunity to do fun things all year long.

3. Find things to do and see within a 50 mile radius of where you live and take day trips. Instead of having to pack a suitcase, a simple picnic lunch will do. You may discover places or activities you didn’t even know existed before, such as scenic bike rides, nature walks, or lakes perfect for swimming.

4. Hire a sitter that will make an evening of fun for the kids while allowing you and your spouse a night or two out on the town.

5. Look at a local events calendar to see what falls within the dates of your break: festivals, parades, sporting events, gallery openings, concerts, plays, local productions, etc. and reserve tickets ahead of time if necessary.

6. Take in a matinee movie or two…or three.

7. Get out into nature by visiting a state or national park nearby to hike or camp a night or two.

8. Make the most of a new or underutilized YMCA or gym membership, enjoying the pool more than usual.

9. Take the time to dive into a hobby that interests you. Go buy needed supplies, read or watch tutorials now that you have the time, and spend hours just enjoying the craft.

10. Reconnect with your family, friends, or community by spending more time with them than your usual schedule allows. Share in a good meal, participate in recreational activities, or volunteer to do something for their benefit that is also life giving to you.

Whatever you decide to do during your staycation, remember to rest, enjoy, and rejuvenate!

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