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Geinene is a visual artist, wife, and mother of two young children; she’s also an advocate of a special needs child. A global traveler, art mentor, urban gardener, and struggling extrovert/introvert. She and her Canadian husband, Matthew, crossed paths in Europe while serving in ministry. They are survivors of a long distance relationship founded through years of old school letter writing between North Africa and Central Europe. Now, married and rooted in downtown Atlanta, she works as a mixed media artist and serves as a visual arts ministry consultant for an international organization. Created to encourage artists of all types, she and her husband open their home on a regular basis to gather musicians, visual artists, dancers, etc. to what they call “Creative Feast.” She is an advocate for living out the intersection of art, faith, and mission at home and cross-culturally, yet, in the day to day she simply strives to pursue the art of being a practicing artist and a present parent.
10 Tips for How to Enjoy a Road Trip With Kids

My husband’s family lives in Canada, so we are well-acquainted with the undertaking of a long road trip with kids. With small children in

Mammograms, Waiting Rooms and Life

Everyone warned me that when I turned 40 the dreaded mammogram would be there to welcome me. It is like a rite of passage

12 Tips on Holding Your Ground with Grit and Grace

I used to be a quiet, more reserved person, only sharing my opinion or pleading my case when asked. Perhaps due to age, a

15 Ways to Care for Yourself When You Have a Child with Special Needs

When your child has special needs, much of the day, and sometimes even the night, is spent taking care of someone extremely dependent upon

Tips to Declutter Your Life and Mind in the New Year

My husband and I decided to make our new year’s resolutions much simpler this year by consolidating them into one, easy-to-remember word: declutter. We made

As parents, we are all aware of the need to advocate for our children. But, when you have a special needs child, the stakes


As most parents are privy to, summer is not the time of year to get things done. Once the kids are out of school,


Traveling can take a lot out of you and can even leave you with the need for a vacation to recover from your vacation. It is


Being a parent is demanding and intense, but so is being an artist. It can feel like a constant tug of war. When I

7 Ways to Find the Right School for Your Special Needs Child

Finding the right school to meet the unique challenges of our special needs child has been like trying to locate a needle in a

appreciating winter and the forced rest it brings

Winter can feel so dead when seeing the trees, gray and bare, seemingly lifeless against the flat whitewashed sky. Within those outstretched branches one

Grace When You Take More Than One Year on Your Resolutions

I rarely accomplish my new year’s resolutions. There, I said it and the transparency removes a load of burden from my shoulders. Sure, like

16 Recommended Games for Special Needs Children

I belong to a game-playing family, a love that is especially exercised around the holidays when looking for gift ideas and spending wintery nights

What Being A Guest Abroad Taught Me About Hospitalityb

Having traveled and lived abroad, I have encountered a wide variety of welcomes, some of which still challenge me in creating a more generous


Words and how we use them have a special emphasis in our family. Our son, a chatterbox, expresses himself to anyone who will listen. He

Less is More in Your Child's Schedule

It doesn’t take long after a new school year begins for our family to realize we need to dial back our activities. With the start

How to Make Relationships More Important in Your Life

I consider myself a rather ambitious person. One who loves feeling efficient and admits an obsession for maximizing the hours of my day to


I love October, but admit I don’t get into all the spooky and haunted hype around Halloween. When my husband and I first had


With the ante of life’s busyness increasing on our family of four every year, my husband and I decided to implement the discipline of


When living in the big city, we are likely to rub shoulders and dwell in close quarters with people who seem to have no time for

Practicing the Grace of Offering Forgiveness, Every Day

I don’t think there is a day that goes by in which I manage to escape extending or asking for forgiveness. I used to

A Helpful Hack for Moms with Special Needs Children

Having a special needs child requires a certain amount of organization to cope with the endless piles of paperwork. In just the first five