5 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Work Wardrobe

5 Items You Need For Your Work Wardrobe

I have a good friend who’s a very successful image consultant, and I’ve learned a lot from her about the truth that clothes really do “make” a woman—especially a career woman. The colors and styles we wear not only make us feel confident inside, they also can convey confidence to our clients if they fit us right and reflect our skin tone and personalities properly.

However…no matter what your age, skin tone, or workplace environment, there are a few essentials every woman needs that will stand the test of time and work with the more personality-laden pieces in your closet.

Here are 5 staple items you need in your work wardrobe:

1. A straight black skirt that hits at the knee
2. Neutral pumps
3. A soft blouse in white or ivory
4. A hip-length, neutral and slightly fitted cardigan that looks great open, belted, or buttoned
5. A great scarf. Splurge on this one—get something with multiple colors that will go with at least 5 dresses and blouses in your closet.

As a jewelry addict, I’m going to add two more must-haves: a pair of simple but elegant earring studs or hoops, and a bracelet in mixed metals—both gold and silver. They’ll go with anything and add that extra “pretty” that we all need when we get down to serious business.

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