Work Overload Killing You?

Work Overload Killing You?

Five things I learned to keep me from drowning at work:

1. Touch a paper or view an email once. Deal with it immediately, put it in the trash or a flag it “waiting for more info” box because more is coming later.

2. Make coworkers do their own thinking. If they want input give it, but ask them to bring you the ideas they have developed, you will look them over.

3. Manage your time don’t let others do it for you. Keep a calendar and follow it, allow time for quick questions but go to the coworkers desk, you can leave when you need to.

4. Close your door or hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your cubicle. When you need uninterrupted working brain cells it will be clear. It also will let others know when they can interrupt.

5. Build great relationships at work–this will help you manage the workday, but the best time to do this is go to lunch, coffee or after hours. Quality time is better in deep relationships than snippets in every aspect of life.

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