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Christi spent the first quarter of her life as a competitive and professional figure skater. After touring the country in various ice shows and living in NYC for a brief stint, she packed up her little car and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being a cast member of a soap opera. She honed her craft, did some print and TV jobs, and then fell in love. She got married and promptly popped out three children in a little less than four years and thus began fulfilling another dream, the dream of being a stay at home mom. After five years of marriage, she found that her husband had other plans and she became a single, stay at home mom. She loves spending as much time as possible with her children, driving them all over the city for gymnastics, dance, and auditions. She is also currently working as a children's ministry director and enrolled in seminary (although recently on a hiatus), while also trying out her wings in the acting world again and working on her first script.
My Ex, My Kids and a Funeral

It was a Monday; I was waiting for my daughter to complete her dance class when an unlikely conversation began. The lady sitting with

Why I Don't Have Just One Parenting Style

Just because I videoed my son jumping off the roof onto the trampoline before I made him stop does not make me a total

I was laying on the massage table chuckling instead of relaxing. I was chuckling at the fact that I had to pay someone to

Learning to Love Your Single Self

“Hi Mommy. How’s life? You have a boyfriend yet?” I had just picked up my 9-year-old daughter from school. It was a rare moment that


It’s easy to get discouraged by all the Facebook and Instagram posts of the incredible vacations all of my friends get to take…Italy, Alaska,