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Carla Howatt is the mother of three adult children, two cats, and a husband. She is a former politician, a 20-year communications professional, and a serial entrepreneur. She runs a blog called Once a Parent which focuses on being the parent of an adult child. With streams for raising adult children with mental illness, disabilities, and grief. With experience in all three streams, Carla is passionate about helping other parents understand they are not alone and that once a parent, always a parent.

Remember in high school when your life revolved around your friends? Oh, the drama! Who was talking to whom, who was crushing on which

When my son died by suicide back in 2015, I was halfway through a four-year term as a municipally elected official. For the two

This is How My Son's Suicide Rocked My Faith

The world as I knew it ended on July 19, 2015. It was a day that shook my faith and my sanity. I walked

How to Show Your Adult Children You Love Them

When you held that tiny baby in your arms and your heart overflowed with an unconditional love, you probably never thought you would read