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Born and raised in North Carolina, southern grit & grace were embedded into her daily life from the get-go. She was raised equally in the church and in the woods, and enjoys spending much of her time outside in the fresh air. From fishing to hunting to golfing, she connects with God through nature and has learned much of her life lessons through her experiences outdoors. Family is her most treasured blessing in life and it continues to grow, as she and her husband Jim are expecting their firstborn son, Wyatt Otis, in February. She spent several years working in Corporate America at ESPN & the Golf Channel and met her husband at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida where their love story began. She loves football, cooking, but most of all, friendship and family. She uses her surroundings and happenings to influence her writing, in hopes of lifting the spirits of those around her.

What do you do when there are no red flags before domestic abuse? Or when the ones that are there have been buried—when you

Being Pregnant Is Hard! 4 Truths for a Mom-To-Be

I'm sitting at 35 weeks today, and my hips are numb from rolling from side to side trying to find a comfortable position to

This is Why I Did a DNA Test

It’s the longing in all of us, the feeling that causes us to stare out at the endless horizon standing at the ocean’s edge.


Navigating the dating world at any age is difficult. We come into our own as teenagers, when many of us experience the first taste

For Gals Who Golf... and Those Who Want to Learn

From retired “ladies who lunch” to LPGA professionals, women all across the world are taking to the courses and meeting on the tee to


Back in the day of “blah, blah, blah,” women sometimes found a struggle when it came to discovering an appropriate and willing sounding board


In December 2008, I walked across the stage at my college graduation ready to take on the world. I knew I had an excellent


Foreword: One of fellow #gritandgracelife contributors recently wrote an article about why it is important to share your story. My 20s helped shape me into the


I did it, y'all. I survived the first six weeks

Can You Deviate From the Corporate World and Be Successful?

Do you ever feel like you're caught up in the rat race? That since you graduated from college you have moved from one corporate

How Running Became About More Than Fitness to Me

Gripping many of the cities across our great country right now are the cold temperatures associated with winter. Though I may not feel it


I’d like to start off this piece with an admission. Hi, my name is Jordan, and I’m an Interrupt-a-holic. (Hi Jordan.) The first step to

Ginger health benefits and starter recipes

From nausea to indigestion, I have struggled with stomach issues for as long as I can remember. When I became pregnant, these symptoms seemed

The Lost Art of Patience in a Busy Culture

Of all the qualities the Lord shows us, His human children, the one that is most lost in our society today is the art

Rising to the Challenge and Earning My Job at ESPN

In 2010, Nicki Minaj came out with one of the most empowering songs for women that I’ve ever heard, not like her typical pop-rap

On Faith, Social Media, and Politics

Since the founding of this beloved country several centuries ago, civil unrest and revolution have shaped the landscape of human rights among the people

One Big Promise That Can Replace Doubt

My friend Kate moved from upstate New York to Key Largo to finish a college internship at the 5 star private club I worked at. We