The Best Blogs to Follow For Every Area of Life

Back in the day of “blah, blah, blah,” women sometimes found a struggle when it came to discovering an appropriate and willing sounding board for their ideas, aspirations, advice, and so on. Now in the days of blogs, blogs, blogs, it can be difficult to discover the ones worth watching and following versus those that are still filled with mostly blah, blah, blah…

I’ve become an avid “listener” online recently as I dive deeper into my digital marketing masters certification course, and have begun to follow—and weed-out—all sorts of content. I have become a loyalist to a few brands that I have found so inspirational that I simply must share them with you, as a fellow woman of grit and grace.

Here are 5 women to follow for every area of life:

1. For the Career Woman
From startups to coping with diseases in the workplace, startup extraordinaire Penelope Trunk covers it all on her blog and is so realistic when she describes her experiences in the work force. A professional beach volleyball player at one point, her career took all sorts of detours and she found herself working in the tech world. I highly recommend this page to anyone looking for advice on how to balance career and motherhood, how to be yourself in your work environment, and how to handle certain situations that arise in matters of entrepreneurship, career changes, and living and working with Asperger’s syndrome.

2. For the Fashionista
Detour from the more serious-natured discussions of workplace scrutiny and the challenges that come with juggling the many hats we women wear and you have Katy Griffith Harrell, who has become my absolute favorite fashion blogger on the web today! Beyond having a simply radiant smile and a fit and healthy lifestyle to boot, this leading lady has an absolute knack for putting together some of the hottest trends out there. In just a few short months, I have watched Katy’s following soar from 30k to 100k, and I know her success will continue to grow. Katy’s blog is great not only for fashion advice but she gives real-life scenarios, advice, and Bible verses to help others who might be searching for a little inspiration alongside their retail therapy. May I just add that so far, I have bought seven pieces for my wardrobe that @mumuandmacaroons has shared and I get compliments every time I wear them! Check her out!

3. For the Foodie
Ya’ll I love to cook. It’s just that simple. But sometimes I don’t have time! That’s where my darling, Ukrainian savior has come to the rescue. I discovered Natasha’s Kitchen the same way many of her current followers have, on Facebook! You’ve undoubtedly seen her videos shared over and again as she whips up some of the tastiest, most tantalizing recipes in a 30-second display, showing you how easy it can be to make something different. I drank the Kool-Aid one day and decided to make one of her recipes, and it has been so worth it. I now reference her page almost 3-4 nights a week and whenever I’m making my grocery list. She is just absolutely precious and her page has a wealth of different types of recipes, including one of my favorite videos: 15 1-pan meals that are ready in under 30 minutes. What woman doesn’t want to know about those?

4. For the Modern-Day Mama
I’m raising my emoji-hand right now as I link in this blogger. I think this is probably the most important blog that I will share with you today because the permeation of media into our children’s lives is an absolute fact now; no longer just an inevitability. It’s here. They are addicted and so are we. We must, as parents, learn how to navigate the murky waters of “how much is too much?” This website has a bevy of information geared toward answering these types of questions that parents face. Techmamas is also a place for women of tech, written by women of tech. It’s wonderful to hear a female’s voice in a world where so many men are at the forefront. Any modern-day mama is sure to find some inspiration here.

5. For Those Who Wish to Be Inspired
Continuing to inspire and push the boundaries of possibilities as far as her own endeavors are concerned, she will always be at the top of my women to follow, Mrs. Carla Romero. You might recognize this woman from an earlier story of mine, Can You Deviate From the Corporate World and Be Successful? Carla is one of the funniest people that I follow on Facebook and Instagram, and uses her wit and cleverness to reach all kinds of women for all sorts of reasons. If you have not checked out the words and wisdom she embarks in her book, I would recommend giving it a read, especially if you are a mother looking for something outside of the normal 9-to-5 grind.

And lastly, for the strong woman and those who want to be, I want to link you back to the home page of The Grit and Grace Project. Here women from all walks of life have gathered to share their stories, experiences, and insights on how they have pushed forward with grit to find grace in all aspects of life from motherhood, spiritual life, relationships, work, money, and so on. It is here that you can have a voice as well, if you have a story you wish to share. As we continue to share our thoughts in this way, may we continue to do so in a way that lifts up and emboldens our fellow women. And for goodness sake, give these ladies a follow! You will not regret it.

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