Kelsey Adam

Kelsey was a basketball player turned pageant queen but is now a professional packer and mover living out of her pink suitcase. She loves making friends anywhere and breaking shy people out of their shells. If you can’t find her, chances are she's lost in one of her multitude of books.

how to crush comparison with a compliment

How to Crush Comparison With a Compliment

I love games. I come from a very competitive family, so winning has always been important to me. Just ask my husband. I sometimes get super bitter if he beats me in a game (okay, scratch that, I always get bitter if he beats me). I will never forget when I was visiting him in Springdale, Arkansas early in our dating stage. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and we played the peg board game that they offer customers to play while waiting for their food. I should have known better than to suggest it because, let’s just say, I lost and breakfast wasn’t the most enjoyable after that. Some days I beat my husband, and other days I lose. But the […]

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Are You Tired of Waiting On God? Focus On These 5 Things

Are You Tired of Waiting On God? Focus On These 5 Things

Waiting well. It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? I mean, who likes to wait? I find myself getting anxious and discontent when I am sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office and it is only five minutes past my initial appointment time. We are a people who do not like to wait. Heck, we even have apps that allow us to pre-order our vanilla lattes from Starbucks just so we don’t have to wait in line when we pick it up. We live in a fast-paced society that thrives on instant anything! So, when we hear the words “waiting well,” it would obviously sound foreign and even impossible for us to accomplish in our lives. Whether we’re waiting in the

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The Grit and Grace of a Baseball Wife

Do you have any childhood memories of attending professional baseball games? I know I do. I was so enamored by the players. The stadium was packed with fans cheering and screaming. I was star struck watching the players sign autographs after the game and thought that their lives were picture perfect. Then I married a professional baseball player, Jason Adam. Before I met my husband, I was naive to the whole baseball lifestyle. Now that I am living it, my whole perspective has changed. It is easy to stereotype people. I’m at fault for doing it often. But being a “baseball wife” has really challenged me not to be so quick to judge and assume certain things about people because I have now experienced being stereotyped myself. Reality television shows

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I’ll Never Forget the Time I Overshared at Church

When You’re Desperate to Know the Reason for Your Pain

Friends. I write this with a very heavy heart. Pain. Confusion. Rejection. I want to talk about all of that today. I am not here to make light of any situation. I am not here to try to bring perspective to your problems or circumstances. I will save that for a later day. I am here to say it is okay to be broken. It is okay to hurt. It is okay to be angry. It is okay to feel confused. It is okay to ask questions. The Bible never promises us that once we give our life to Christ we will no longer deal with pain. The promise is not if you love God you will have more good things happen,

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5 Sweaters That Will Make You Feel Cozy and Classy

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice lattes and the layering of clothing. Sweater season is in the air, friends. I don’t know what it is, but something about putting on a cozy sweater makes my heart happy. Do y’all know that feeling? I just love everything about fall, especially fall fashion. One of the things I love about sweaters is that they are extremely versatile and make for great fashion pieces to add to your fall and winter wardrobe. While there could be a multitude of books written about all the different types and styles of sweaters, I am sharing my 5 must-have sweaters of this season. 1. Neutral Cardigan I got this ballon-sleeved cardigan for school and let me just say I have

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Overcoming Bitterness When You Don’t Get the Credit You Deserve

Have you ever worked so hard on something only to have your effort go unnoticed? Or worse, has someone else taken the credit you deserve? I have, and if you have too then maybe you’ve also struggled with bitterness. Bitterness is one of the most destructive and dangerous human emotions, and if it’s not dealt with it can destroy a person. Bitterness can rob you of your peace and joy. It is an open door for Satan to control your life. It can hurt or destroy your relationship with your family, a friend, or even a coworker. But we want to be recognized. We want credit where credit is due. But God doesn’t call us to get the credit. Let me repeat, God does not call us

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