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Karen DeVault is a story teller and published author. She has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Guideposts. As a columnist for Women to Women Michigan Magazine, she tells inspiring and humorous stories of her outdoor adventures, from mule riding in the Grand Canyon to swimming with manatees. Karen has an adventurous spirit and will try just about anything that involves the outdoors or food. Karen has two beautiful grown stepdaughters and a collection of delightful grandkids. She is wife to her best friend and biggest supporter, Terry. Professionally, she is an Executive Assistant. She has earned a degree in Communications and another in English. She reads, writes, journals, and imagines extensively. Her other interests include motorcycling, biking, fishing, hunting, and health & fitness.

Have you ever been introduced to an idea that radically changed your life? Did this idea not only explain your past frustrations but offer

Healthy personal boundaries are the key to healthy relationships. Without them, healthy relationships are impossible. Yes, you heard that right. Impossible. That is because

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Have you ever been curious about starting a journal? And if you have, have you wondered exactly what a journal is and what purpose


Throughout my career, I’ve noticed that some of the best companies, both large and small, put a premium on providing exceptional customer service. I’ve


Most people would generally agree that while related, joy and happiness are two different things. Happiness tends to be dependent on external factors, such

Whenever I travel a certain stretch of highway near where I live, I think of her. Along that route is a wooded area with


A young woman who appeared to be in her early thirties sat two chairs away from me in the breast imagining center. While I


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is an annual campaign designed to increase breast cancer awareness worldwide, promoting research, risk assessment, screening and


If you were a victim of child abuse or neglect like me, you very likely have experienced or do experience some level of shame.