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She’s a teller of stories, founder of Refuge Coffee Co., voracious reader, slow distance runner, 38-year veteran ministry wife. She and her wise husband, Bill, (or Kiki and Chief to their growing tribe of adorable grandkids) live on the ragged edges of Atlanta in a refugee community that CNN has called the most diverse square mile in the world. This has been the most intense and inviting neighborhood in their known world, for sure, and it has taught them to dream big and love even bigger. Kitti is an author and artist and inspiration to all those who think they can’t start something new after becoming an empty nester and retiree.
3 Ways to Face Your Worst Fears, and Overcome

I’ve written a book several editors like (but won’t publish) about how dying is essential to the emotional, spiritual, and even sexual health of

christmas magic as a boy mom

Several years ago I got this message from Mandy, one of my favorite boy moms: Am I seriously the only boy mom who has dreams

The Refuge Coffee Co. Story Hope and Help in a Cup.jpg

I’m a happiness addict. Rejoicing with those who rejoice? I’m a pro at that. But weeping with those who weep? Nigh unto impossible. Heck,

What Every Parent Needs

I’ve almost forgotten this fact: raising children can be discouraging. This stands to reason because children are, by definition, not yet what they will

For the Boy Mom, When He's Grown

I had breakfast with one of my sons this week. Somewhere between our first cups of coffee and our last, he looked at me

To Mom Who Feels Like She's in the Ditch

One day, as our collective brood of six children (later to become eight, between our two families) played in her yard, my dear comrade-in-arms,

How to Get Your Kids to Depend on You (Less)

The other day my husband, Bill, said to me, “Don’t take this as an insult, but you have a very low tolerance level for


We were on vacation with our kids and our grandchildren when it hit me. Boys will always give you something to fear. A red flag whipped

You Didnt Marry a Grown Up Husband

You probably didn’t marry a grown-up husband. Neither did I. Somewhere along our marriage timeline, though, he became one. A while back at church we served

2 Reasons Why Tag Team Parenting Is the Way to Go

Parenting, like marriage, starts out all theory. Which is why new parents, like new husbands and wives, can seem teachable. We read books, we


Here’s what your kids’ memories do with the times you thought you were a good mom, but you weren’t: They turn them into funny

How Boys Show Love

Have you ever wondered if your boy loves you? They do, despite what meets the eye. Boys simply express love in their own, unique

This is Your Brain on FOMO

It happened again this morning. I was noodling around on Instagram as the coffee sputtered into the pot and my eyes adjusted to daylight.


There’s this one thing I still expect my husband to fix. Years ago, as the practical outcome of an epic fight, I wrote my husband

The Wedding Sway, Your Son's Wedding Day

I am watching my son dance his first dance with his wife. Foreheads touching, lips moving in a conversation no one else can hear,

The Chokehold of Intentionality

Our granddaughter, Charleston, flings her right hand in the air these days like Queen Elizabeth at a polo match and pronounces: “I hate Pop-Tarts.

Alarmist Mom: How to Fight The Urge to Freak

I have a new hobby in my middle age. I am an alarmist. I wonder if this is something new or if I’m just now

What It Really Means When an Introvert Backs Away

I now know that the greater part of love is knowledge and insight. Knowledge of the person loved. My self-disclosure to him or her

Parenting Truth: It May Get Worse Before It Gets Better

I think like a human. Like an earth-bound, time-constrained, self-absorbed human. And I parented like that most of the time, too. Humanity bears the

Your Teenage Boy Will Break Your Heart, and You’ll Be Better for It

What is it about teenage boys? I’ve been in love with them since I was about twelve. They are, in general, insensitive, inarticulate, clunky,

Are You a Wife in

There is something that happens to me during the flurry of activity that accompanies anything I’m in charge of. Like hosting people in our home. Bill

How to Handle Little Boys Who Think They Know It All

Little boys are know-it-alls. At first I loved that about them. Tell a little boy he is handsome or strong or smart and, likely, he’ll say,