How Boys Show Love

How Boys Show Love

Have you ever wondered if your boy loves you? They do, despite what meets the eye. Boys simply express love in their own, unique way…

With a plastic snake, that’s how a boy loves.
He wraps it around the milk jug in the refrigerator.
Or puts it under your pillow so you’ll find it in your most unwary, weary moment.
A boy’s affection is kinetic and sneaky like that.

When a 300-pound homeless man slugs you in the face in broad daylight, on a sidewalk in Manhattan, while you’re working there.
And that night your 6-year-old calls you at your hotel to ask if you got a good look at the man.
And you say yes, he says: good, I’m coming up there to beat him down.
Then a boy’s love is valiant and just a bit delusional.

He’s mystified when his teasing makes you laugh one day, then makes you cry the next.
He will then adopt certain skepticism toward you and your intelligence, which will fuel further teasing.
But that’s okay, because you remember your SAT score.
Besides, your ego is less fragile than his, or it ought to be.

A boy’s love is sometimes brazen and rough, maybe even hard to take.
You won’t see it coming because a boy doesn’t plan to love you.
He just executes his expressions of that love offhand, as if he doesn’t.
But he does.

He will love you in sparks that, random and seldom as they may seem, they will blind you with their brilliance.
And burn you with bursts of wonder.
Catch a boy’s love like fireflies; it’s abrupt and incandescent.

And then there will be that day when he writes you from Texas or somewhere far away.
And he will say it outright.
His love will sound, no, it will be, mature.

He will soon be ready to marry a girl you would have picked if you’d known how.
And he will love her so well, not perfect, but better than you dreamed.
With traces of the way his father loves you.

And this vicarious love that isn’t even exactly for you, will fill you up.
Because that’s how a boy loves to make his mama proud.

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