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As a mom of 4 with her hands and feet in several pots, Maggie Bowling has worn several hats: teacher, church staff, international traveler, homeschooler, wannabe gardener, writer, and future activist. In the thick of motherhood, she is also an accomplished taxi driver. With each changing phase of motherhood, she has sought to find grace and fulfillment in raising future adults. The give and take of this process is a place of both constant wrestling and profound satisfaction.  Professionally, Maggie yearns to travel to the far places of the world, extending love and care to the world’s forgotten children. Until that hope becomes a reality, she contents herself with the children of her own county, where she works with other members of the community to help feed and clothe others. When time allows, reading, running, and eating chips and salsa are her most treasured joys.
3 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith

Nearly everyone that moves through the earth is on some sort of faith journey, whether it’s a journey away from faith or a firm


Our idea of what a strong woman looks like is brought to us by women of power, grace, and intelligence. Oprah. Mother Theresa. Patricia


Dear You, How you feel is completely normal. Well, maybe not normal, but universal. Is it normal to constantly feel like you’re not measuring up,


Sometimes I feel it would be easier to be a member of the animal kingdom rather than humankind. Despite the fact that animals aren’t


As if it wasn’t hard enough to make choices in parenting—about feeding, sleeping, immunizations, organics and other options that plague parents from day one—there