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Maggie Bowling

Maggie Bowling is a mom of 4 living in the wilds of suburban Atlanta, looking for excellent guacamole and trying to face down middle age with class. 

3 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith

3 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith

Nearly everyone that moves through the earth is on some sort of faith journey, whether it’s a journey away from faith or a firm planting in one of the world’s major religions.And while our culture teaches tolerance across the board, anyone that is happy and fulfilled in their faith wants to share what they know with others. It’s like using essential oils or doing Whole30, except that one’s faith is so deeply personal that the campaigning can easily run into a roadblock. Personally, I have never been great at sharing my Christian faith. In my heart, I mourn for people that walk through life with a hole in their hearts, hustling in a constant search for love and belonging. That mourning comes […]

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3 Surprising Signs of Strength in a Woman

Our idea of what a strong woman looks like is brought to us by women of power, grace, and intelligence. Oprah. Mother Theresa. Patricia Heaton. Emma Watson. Each of these women spoke the truth that was important to them, even if it was unpopular. As we aspire to be strong women ourselves, the bar takes on something more monumental in scope, something that looks more like Wonder Woman: physically and mentally strong, forthright, always spouting justice in the faces of her enemies and doing the right thing. For the average woman just making her way through life, both images are flawed: for the first, most of us won’t have a podium from which to share our important truths. We may have a

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Dear You, You Were Made for Something More

Dear You, How you feel is completely normal. Well, maybe not normal, but universal. Is it normal to constantly feel like you’re not measuring up, failing at life, or aiming for a bar that’s impossibly high? It shouldn’t be. But it is. Not normal, but universal. As women, we universally struggle. Universally choose. Universally deal with shame, worry, and fear that the world’s offerings are too many for us to possibly conquer in one lifetime. Or conversely, that we were wired for greatness but are funneled into a life that must be smaller than our dreams. When Life and Motherhood Issues are Seemingly Impossible Often times, meshed into this universal struggle is the impossible-feeling task of motherhood, particularly when taken in part

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How to Discover Your “Why”

Sometimes I feel it would be easier to be a member of the animal kingdom rather than humankind. Despite the fact that animals aren’t allowed to wear clothing (in most cases) and have to forage for their food, they live each day without the pressure most humans feel to do something significant with their time on earth. Most days, I’m happy to be a part of a race that values doing good and changing their community, but with the earth so filled with needs, and so many humans gifted with various passions and abilities to use, there are days I wish I could move through on auto-pilot. Days I wish someone would grasp my chin and say, “this is your purpose in

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Is Homeschool Right For You? A Few Things to Consider

As if it wasn’t hard enough to make choices in parenting—about feeding, sleeping, immunizations, organics and other options that plague parents from day one—there comes a day when we also have to determine what education option is the best for our child. We think age five is going to be a golden age of post-potty-training, semi-independent reading, and the ability to swim and ride a bike without us watching them constantly; instead, kindergarten looms around the corner with its myriad of challenges. How we educate our children is perhaps the most crucial of our parenting choices, or at least it feels that way. There is not only enormous pressure to choose the absolute best for our kids, that which seemingly will prepare

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