Dear You, You Were Made for Something More

Dear You,

How you feel is completely normal. Well, maybe not normal, but universal. Is it normal to constantly feel like you’re not measuring up, failing at life, or aiming for a bar that’s impossibly high?

It shouldn’t be. But it is.

Not normal, but universal. As women, we universally struggle. Universally choose. Universally deal with shame, worry, and fear that the world’s offerings are too many for us to possibly conquer in one lifetime. Or conversely, that we were wired for greatness but are funneled into a life that must be smaller than our dreams.

When Life and Motherhood Issues are Seemingly Impossible

Often times, meshed into this universal struggle is the impossible-feeling task of motherhood, particularly when taken in part with any type of career goals, and what we get is a prevalent stream of negative self-talk that is every woman’s constant companion.

But what if there was a better way to live?

What if we approached our own hearts with grace instead of judgment?

Patience instead of criticism?

Wisdom instead of confusion?

Woman, you were created for more than a life of struggle and shame. We are not the weaker gender, but the dependable, unbreakable backbone that has stood strongly behind an ocean of husbands, fathers, and sons that have tackled impossible tasks. History is filled with their stories, and little by little, our stories are joining the dialogue; but our stories are those of balancing, choosing, and silencing the voice that tells us we can’t.

The Power of a Woman’s Words

And if we as a gender are strong enough to speak words of encouragement and power to the male counterparts in our lives, how much more should we be speaking them to ourselves?

Look at your friend, your sister, your mother, your daughter, and yourself, and say it:

“You were made for more than this.”

“You don’t have to be perfect.”

“It’s okay to fail, and even better to fail and try again.”

“There is power and grace in you.”

“You are tough enough to handle this.”

“You were created for amazing things.”

“Your contribution to this world is bigger than your thoughts.”

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How we talk to ourselves and our sisters cannot change our circumstances, but our words have the power to shift our perspectives on where we’re sitting; even better, they can inspire us to make healthy decisions or enact a life change.

Make a commitment to speak to yourself and others with grace. We will all make mistakes, but none of them are beyond hope. Everything in this world can be redeemed and used to transform us into something useful and beautiful.

Forgiveness—of ourselves and others—is one of the most powerful forces on earth. A healthy dose of forgiveness after a difficult day gives us the strength to get up and tackle a new one.

The world is too glorious for us to spend our days dredged in bitterness or despair. Instead, try to see things with optimistic eyes, with the hope that each small victory is contributing to a tide of good that can change the world.

A woman’s life is hard and holy.

But by the grace of God, we are equipped for the work.

Remind yourself daily that you are able.

Because you are.

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