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Rachel Hagstrom is a freelance writer who has been a regular contributor with The Grit and Grace Project for over two years. She aims to inspire readers to seek opportunities for inner growth and transformation by sharing aspects of her own journey. Professionally, Rachel has held a variety of client relations roles in the banking, hospitality, and education industries. Her jobs in the latter enabled her to work alongside marginalized populations in Haiti and India. These experiences have shaped her past and current community involvement, which includes working with NGOs focused on ending human trafficking, volunteering as a leader on her local Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS) team, and joining Moms Demand Action—a national grassroots movement devoted to legislating for gun safety. Rachel is currently a candidate with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. After earning her certification, she will be able to educate and empower clients to take proactive steps toward bettering their overall wellbeing by meeting their physical, emotional, and mental health goals.

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