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Sheena is a writer, editor, dancer, yoga teacher, wellness life coach and advocate for the arts and under-served populations. After graduating college, where she studied literature and writing, Sheena started the internationally-known dance education blog, Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins. She wrote for Answers.com while completing graduate school where she studied innovative learning techniques through the arts. Sheena founded and co-owns WELLwomen, Inc., a corporation dedicated to the replenishment of women, and Story Exchange, an ongoing community-engagement project where stories of shared human experiences are turned into art. She established a Dance Camp for Mentoring Children of Prisoners and she teaches Adaptive Dance for children with Down Syndrome in her hometowns of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia. Sheena lives on a 43-foot Catamaran named Seas Life, and hopes to bring wellness to the world around her wherever she travels. 
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You wake up, take an overindulgent stretch, rub the sleepy from your eyes, wiggle your toes. Flip on the coffee and take a luxurious

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She sat across from me on the floor, on a multi-colored pillow. We were in a room full of women who were there for


I created a recent email, as entrepreneurs often do, announcing a new way to be involved with my services. A “new deal,” “a special”;


Unless you plan on spending your life in baggy sweatpants with your hair tied in a knot by a velvet scrunchie from the 80s (be

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The word “confidence” dates back to the early 15th century. A direct descendent of the Latin word confidentia meaning “firmly trusting, bold” and confidere

You cannot mistake an inspired woman. Right away there is something enchanting about her. But what exactly is it? Why is it so hard

I am a woman who enjoys comfortable things: a cozy couch to lounge on with a good book, nestled between fluffy pillows and a


We occasionally run into moments in our lives where we don’t recognize ourselves. Some days, these times are courageous, daring, bold! You did something you never knew