10 Behaviors Found in the Inspired Woman

You cannot mistake an inspired woman. Right away there is something enchanting about her. But what exactly is it? Why is it so hard to put your finger on what makes her so?

Here’s the thing: many of us are raised to believe that women are ethereal, dainty, delicate, gone at the poof of a strong wind. All of these images fall in line with the historically inspired woman. We immediately conjure images of a woman with long, flowy hair, beautiful bosoms, eyes closed in meditation while breastfeeding an almost-asleep, happy babe.

As I’ve grown, however, my image of an inspired woman has become far more complex, developed, real, and tangible. When I run into an inspired woman, I want to high-five her!

Here’s what I absolutely adore about inspired women:

Inspired women not only manage their time, they prioritize their life.
I’m not saying they’re perfect at it—though, maybe they’re phenomenal—but what I’m saying is that they do the work to prioritize and manage it. They know how much time they have and what needs to get done. They also know the importance of prioritizing everything that needs to get done. What is key to the moment? What needs to happen now to save you from having to make 1,000 decisions in the future? Who or what needs attention? What is the best way to communicate this message? Inspired women know how to balance their tasks with their time and their people.

Inspired women don’t rush or force.
Similar to nature, inspired women trust with a deep, unshakeable wisdom that everything will work out. They accept that they are not fully in control. They allow room for other factors to come into play: faith, life, nature, finances, personal growth and understanding, acceptance, the market, timing. They know that eventually clarity, confidence, the sale, the growth—whatever it may be—will come into clarity and arrive. Inspired women also know you cannot force anything to happen. Force as an approach or technique is simply not in their toolkit. They want people to arrive at their own conclusions and they allow that space for inquisition and growth.

Inspired women aren’t perfect… they’re phenomenal

Inspired women mindfully react.
It is easy to react to something that hurts us or excites us. Inspired women take the waves of opportunities and embody them by thinking about it, letting it sink in, and assessing it before reacting. This is not to say that they don’t experience excitement or joy or frustration and anger, they do. But they allow the emotion to process before outwardly expressing it.

Inspired women don’t play mental or emotional games.
They deeply wish for the best outcome for everyone, meaning they do not cut other women down with their words, guilt, or actions. Instead, inspired women uplift their teams, friends, families, partners. Positive energy guides their behaviors because they have learned that feeling empowered and empowering others is the best way to move through life achieving anything.

Inspired women communicate candidly with grace.

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These women speak their minds, set healthy boundaries, communicate parameters all while smiling, encouraging others, and not feeling guilty. They speak only when necessary and understand the power of silence. Speaking candidly and expressing what you intend to comes with practice. It’s not always easy because it sometimes means letting someone down (“I cannot attend the party”) or letting someone go (“You’re no longer a fit for our team”). But finding ways to speak the truth with grace is an inspired woman talent! Saying, “You’re no longer a perfect fit for our team, but tell me about what you envision would be perfect for you moving forward.” Inspired women don’t leave you hanging in conversations: you know exactly what they intend, and yet you still leave feeling inspired by their clarity and courage.

Inspired women make time.
Similar to the wish we’ve all had of wanting to make money magically appear, inspired women really do make time appear. How they do this (see no. 1) is no secret. They re-arrange, they remove, they alter, they cut back or add, but an inspired woman will make time if she feels this is important. “Moving mountains” is also no problem for an inspired woman.

Inspired women are impeccable with their word.
The first of The Four Agreements (book by Don Miguel Ruiz), inspired women follow through with actions behind their words. They do what they say they will do. You can count on them.

Inspired women invest in themselves.
Whether this be working with a life coach, taking a yoga class, investing in a massage, college course, travel, a long walk, an ice cream sundae, inspired women put into their lives what makes them feel good. Without guilt, they ensure that they are investing in themselves.

Inspired women set their lives up for success.
This will mean something different for each woman, but an inspired woman knows exactly what it means for her. And she does it.

“Moving mountains” is no problem for an inspired woman.

Inspired women exude love, openness, strength, and power.
These women are nurturers of themselves and of others. They are unstoppable because their thoughts, words, and actions are impeccable, selected, and important. These women know their strength and they remain grounded there when speaking, making decisions, and walking through life. Inspired women know how and when to get things done, and if that means being loud and proud or being quiet and thoughtful, both apply! An inspired woman takes the time to figure out her approach and then follows through with it. When you’re in the presence of an inspired woman, you cannot help but feel honored to know her. The world needs more of these incredible ladies doing the tremendously important work of motivating teams, running companies, raising beautiful human beings, educating or treating the masses, researching the sciences, finishing the equations, performing the arts, writing the books.

Women are out there doing such noteworthy things, and the next time you run into an inspired woman, tell her. Passing along the empowering vibes will only produce more inspired women, and then, the world will begin to change.

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