Has God Ignored Your Need for Support?

Has God Ignored Your Need for Support?

As I sit here gazing out the window of our motorhome, feeling a little sorry for myself, I was given the blessing of witnessing a precious encounter between two little girls.

First, I was feeling sorry for myself because I am sick. I have been running a low-grade fever, coughing, and I feel like a tire that has a moderate leak in it, meaning I can’t do much without the need for a nap. I even had to nap after my shower. After a long bought of bad weather, it’s finally nice here. So, we get to go camping, but I end up sick…where is the justice?

Alrighty, enough of my soapbox whining and on to this precious moment I had the chance to witness. Then again, if I weren’t sick, I wouldn’t have received this gift…perspective. As I was looking out the window, trying to be mindful of the moment, I noticed the sky was starting to change color, a sure sign that the afternoon was fading into evening. While admiring the colors with an array of trees in the forefront, I noticed a few little girls doing cartwheels and handstands in the grassy field. It reminded me of summers past when my sister and I would do the same tricks in our yard. Then my thoughts wandered to my dear friend’s daughter who is a talented gymnast. She is always doing handstands in the most random places, even now being six months pregnant. I can’t do a handstand anymore, but I can still do a mean cartwheel.

Most of the girls are turning beautiful cartwheels, but one of the others, let’s call her Megan because this is my story and I’m the one sitting in the motorhome writing it while everyone else is outside playing. So, Megan is doing handstands and other acrobatics. One of the other girls, let’s call her Morgan, ahem…my story, I pick the names. Anyway, Morgan is trying so hard to do a handstand, but she either doesn’t get her feet up all the way, or they go completely over, and she ends up in a backbend. Megan walks over to Morgan, who has failed another attempt at a handstand. They have a quick chat and then Megan motions for Morgan to follow.

The girls walk over to a tree and continue their conversation. Judging by the hand motions, it seems Megan is giving Morgan a tutorial on how to do a handstand using the tree as support. Morgan does not look like she is too enthused to test Megan’s theory, but reluctantly, she tries. It takes a couple of attempts, but Morgan is up and using the tree to help keep her balance. She holds the handstand for a good 45 seconds. I wanted to run out there, give her a hug, and tell her I was proud of her. Then I remembered my tire has a moderate leak (not to mention it would be weird because I don’t even know these girls). My heart was smiling. In Proverbs 11:25 the Bible says, “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”

It did, however, make me think of how God provides what seems to be an ordinary object, or even person, in our lives to give us a little support while we are learning to stand. God knew from the beginning of time that we would need help in our daily lives. Genesis 2:18 says, “Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.'” How many times have I been unable to see friends as a place to find support? Or, perhaps I have been too proud to ask for encouragement or help? Ephesians 4:2 says, “Be humble and gentle in every way. Be patient with each other and lovingly accept each other.”

God loves us so much that He strategically places these blessings in our paths for our benefit. I would like to challenge you, the next time you are feeling a little out of balance, look around and locate the supports that God has placed in your path and “Set your mind on things above” (Colossians 3:2).

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