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This Is My Letter to God

Dear God,

You, God, are my Father, my eternal heavenly Father. Because You asked me to be your child, sought me, and found me. I didn’t earn it. I have no qualifications to join Your royal family. I am here only because You sent Your Son.

Through you, Jesus, Your birth, death, and resurrection, I have been adopted into Your family. That I now have the honor to be a child of the King. My faults, my sins, and shortcomings are covered by who You are and what You did. Your words, when You walked this earth, taught me how to live. Your death taught me how to love. And as You left to return to heaven, You gave me more.

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You left a Helper, a Comforter, a prodder, One who doesn’t give up but walks with me every day. Holy Spirit, You are so difficult to define yet so easy to feel. When I stumble, You pick me up; when I grieve, You comfort me. When I stray, You guide me back with gentleness and strength. When I doubt, You sit with me, give me time, and gently help me regain my confidence and hope. You provide answers to my questions, give me peace when there are none.

It is You, oh God, I love. It is You, oh God, I cannot fully comprehend, but I can completely trust. It is You, oh God, who will never leave me, never turn Your back on me. You will take the pieces of this broken human, even this broken world, and create unfathomable beauty.

You will make me what I never thought I could be; stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more merciful. I will become that as Your child because You are.

As your daughter, I have found that the beauty of Your nature is within me. The tenderness of Your heart is mine. It is You, my Father, who will help me unearth that nature. I promise You that I will discover who You created me to be, how You want me to live. I will do my best to accomplish what You have set before me.

With your strength, guidance, and steadfastness, I will become a daughter You can be proud of. I will become the person You knew I could be even when I didn’t.

So heavenly Father, thank You for creating me, for inviting me into Your family. For the hope that holds my heart together in the difficult days. I look forward to the day I join You and the rest of our family to celebrate. Celebrate the life You gave us, the dreams You fulfilled, the joy You gave to us, Your children, both now and forever.


Your Daughter

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