5 Everyday Essential Oils for Beginners


If you’re like me, when you get a headache you probably run straight to your purse to retrieve your maraca, more commonly known as Excedrin. If you have just one more cup of coffeemaybe with an extra shot of espresso (or two)you will get through this day. While you’ve probably heard and seen much talk about essential oils, you may also have some doubts.

I was first introduced to them after searching for a natural way to take better care of my sun-damaged skin. Since then, I’ve slowly built a small collection. I have zero plans to become a distributor, professional, or to even write any more about them (though there’s nothing wrong with any one of those things); I just want to share my top five essential oils and blends that are extremely practical for just about anyone.

So here are my 5 favorite essential oils and oil blends:

Frankincense: Breathe in or diffuse for headaches and stress; add to moisturizer, carrier oil, and face wash for wrinkles/anti-aging, sun damaged skin, dry skin, and skin care over all. (Favorite use: blend with lavender and Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap for basic face wash.)

Lavender: Add to lotions or toner for calming skin, sunburns included; breathe in, diffuse, or add to massage/carrier oil while going to sleep to reduce restlessness or to help you calm down in general.

Tea Tree: Add 1-2 drops on a wet q-tip and apply to pimples, skin irritations, warts, or cold sores; add to face mask for extra pimple-fighting power.

Peppermint: Breathe in or diffuse for headaches, a stuffy nose, or nausea (I’ve heard that people who are going through chemo-therapy swear by it); add to massage oil or lotion for muscle aches; just pure, smelling-goodness; some say it can even relieve sunburn and act as a natural bug repellent.

Citrus (grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime blend): Diffuse for focus and energy (I actually noticed a difference at work!); add grapefruit to lotion for cellulite; smells amazing and blends well with other oils like lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, and ylang ylang.

Oils are now just a small part of my routine. I’m always looking for other ways to use them, so feel free to comment below with your favorite oils and uses!

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Photo courtesy of Lexi from @yestooils

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