5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials That Will Make Your Life Better

5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials That Will Make Your Life Better

Whether it’s through new tools or staple foods, I am always looking for innovative ways to make meals, (admittedly) healthier dessert options, and easier ways to prep. Lately I’ve tried a few things that I can no longer live without, so I want to share them with you! Who doesn’t love mixing healthy, easy, and affordable items into their grit and grace life?

1. Veggie Spiralizer
Turn veggies into noodles or make salads sans romaine or iceberg! I’m on a zucchini and carrot pad thai kick right now. This glorious gadget is available at all different price ranges, but I recommend looking at HomeGoods for an affordable tabletop one that holds the veggies while you turn the handle. The Veggetti Pro is a great option, priced at around $20 and can be found at convenient places like Walmart, Walgreens, or Bed Bath & Beyond. Check out Pinterest for recipe inspirations—you’ll be running to get one sooner than later.

2. Popsicle Maker/Mold
Fellow southerners, this one’s a year-round necessity. Cool down or make a healthy dessert with so many different options like fruit, juice, yogurt, nut butters and milks, or even coffee and teas—just to get a few ideas flowing.

3. Food Storage
I recommend Anchor Hocking Company or Pyrex for a variety of sizes, including lids, in glass (also easily found at HomeGoods). Having plenty of food storage makes meal prepping cleaner and ensures true “grab-and-go” breakfasts or lunches and quicker dinners.

4. Frozen Greens
Yes, fresh is usually better, but getting greens in becomes excuse-free when they’re prepped for you. I throw frozen kale in smoothies and spinach in pasta dishes to add a little more nutrition to each meal.

5. Almond Meal/Flour (or almonds and a blender)
Almond meal is a tasty substitute for flour or breadcrumbs. Possibilities are endless, including guilt-free cookies (that actually taste good) and almond crusted chicken or fish.

I hope you find at least one, new kitchen item that will change your life! Best of luck!

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