5 Steps to Remake Your Wardrobe

5 Steps to Remake Your Wardrobe

If you’re like me, a few new articles of clothing might accidentally fall into your shopping cart when you’re out shopping for someone else. And who doesn’t love a good sale—especially when you’ve got gift cards burning a hole in your pocket!?

But new clothes mean less closet space. And, again if you’re like me, there are things in your closet(s) you haven’t put on your skin in a year. Or in years! So here are a few easy ways to work through your closet so that what’s hanging in there is what you’ll actually love to wear:

1. Divide your clothes into four categories (you can do this right in the closet): always wear / sometimes wear / rarely wear / never wear.

2. Bag up the ‘never wear’ collection and put it in a donation bag.

3. Try on the clothes in the ‘rarely wear’ collection. Some you’ll realize you will never wear (add those immediately to the donate bag). Move those you just can’t part with into the ‘sometimes wear’ collection.

4. Put the donation bag in your trunk and schedule a day and time to drop it at the nearest charity. Don’t open it again!

5. Organize everything that is left by color (I typically separate blouses, dresses, pants). You’ll learn what your favorite colors to wear really are (for future shopping wisdom) and what colors or items you may be lacking (for future shopping fun).

If you have time for a little extra creativity, play with your necklaces and scarves, trying on your favorites with different blouses and dresses that you’ve worn them with in the past. A change from the typical accessorizing can help make everything old look new!

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