9 Fitness Accessories That You Need to Try Now

9 Fitness Accessories That You Need to Try Now

Over the years, working out has become something that I love and look forward to doing, but it has taken me a very long time to get to that point. There have been lots of fad programs, bandwagon diets, and doing all the things everyone around me was doing. I would quit quickly and then be ready to try the next best thing once I inevitably gained some weight back.

One day I decided to simply do the things I wanted to do when I wanted to do them. Once I began to follow that line of thinking, working out became enjoyable for me. Now, I look forward to it. It’s my little bit of personal improvement, and it’s not just for me physically; it helps me so much mentally too! Surprisingly, I’ve found that I like doing a lot of different types of exercise and activities, and this keeps my body getting healthier while it also keeps me from getting bored and quitting.

I do a little bit of everything now: yoga, various kinds of cardio, weightlifting, etc. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found some go-to workout gear that I’d love to share with you!

Here are the fitness items I can’t live without:

1. Fitbit Blaze


This might be my top pick! Not only does my Fitbit Blaze keep up with my steps, calories burned, active hours, and heart rate, but it also tells me when to get up and get moving if I have been sitting at my desk too long. It tracks my sleep patterns, H2O intake, and my female health and tracking. Plus, who doesn’t love all the cute bands you can get now?

2. Joylabs Workout Pants


Next on my top-loved list would be Joylabs workout pants that you can get at Target. They are buttery soft and stay in place. Being a curvy mama, this is a huge plus for me. They also have very supportive and comfortable sports bras that I can’t live without.

3. Core Sliders

Want a great core workout that you can do anywhere but will push your limits? Pick up a set of these babies and just start with a few minutes each day. You will love the results!

4. Resistance Bands

This set of bands is a favorite for when I need to work out from home and don’t have a lot of time but still want great results. They have different weight resistances, so you can start where you are able and move up.

5. Weightlifting Gloves

I love to lift weights. There’s something super calming about lifting heavy things. What I don’t enjoy is having calloused hands. I want mine baby smooth, so I always wear gloves. I have tried so many. Some don’t last, some feel restricting, and some can just be more annoying than helpful. I have found that these gloves from Fit Four are just right.

6.Rehydrate Water Bottle

You can bet that I won’t be going anywhere or working out without my Rehydrate water bottle full of ice cold water. I love that it is the perfect size and keeps my water cold! Plus, they come in some awesome, fun colors.

7. Sling Shot Hip Circle


Want to make any workout more challenging and get more bang for your buck? Or more gains from your effort? Then you need one of these!

8. Yoga Blocks and Strap

When I practice yoga, it’s usually at home due to time constraints or not being able to get away from the house. Or, sometimes I just want to find my Zen. These two items make me push myself and grow more in my yoga journey.

9. My Fitness Pal

Last but certainly not least, I use the app, My Fitness Pal. I log everything into this baby. There are so many fitness apps out there, and I suggest trying a few until you find the one you like. I love it because it helps me keep track and stay accountable to myself!

There are so many wonderful fitness items and workout gear out there, but these are my main must-haves. It can be hard sometimes to make fitness and staying healthy a priority, especially when you work full time, have kids, run your home like a boss, and do all the things we gals have to do! But you and your health are important! So, make time for yourself, and maybe some of these items will make that even a little easier.

(Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links.)

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