The Poncho: Why You Should Have One and How to Style It


Fashion is our friend, especially when we nail a trend… So that’s what I’m here for—to bring you the current trends and offer advice on how to feel comfortable in your skin while wearing the latest and greatest!

I am so happy that the poncho made its comeback as a 2016 fall and winter trend! The poncho is a fun piece to style and layer during the cooler months. You can find one in almost any women’s clothing store and they come in a few different styles. Some ponchos have cowl necks, some have fringe on the bottom. They also come in a variety of colors, textures, prints, and patterns. And don’t worry—there is a poncho for every frame and height! Finding the perfect poncho for yourself is simply a matter of trial and error. If you want to have more unique outfit options in your closet to choose from, I encourage you to build a small poncho collection that will last you many fall and winter seasons to come. The poncho is a versatile piece that you can also layer over work clothes. While keeping work, travel, and play in mind, here are three ways to style the poncho without sacrificing comfort or warmth:

While keeping work, travel, and play in mind, here are three ways to style the poncho without sacrificing comfort or warmth:

1. Throw on a plaid poncho over a color coordinating, striped long-sleeve tee with a pair of distressed denim or regular dark wash denim and booties or boots (like in the feature photo, originally found here). This is such a cute, casual look for running errands, going on an adventure with your kids, friends, or significant other, and even visiting a pumpkin patch! The key to perfecting this outfit is to make sure your striped long-sleeve tee matches with some of the colors in your plaid poncho to pull it all together. Mixing patterns and prints is a great way to play up your outfit, but you don’t want it to look too chaotic with clashing colors!




2. For a classy holiday look, throw on a gray (or any light neutral) poncho over a light neutral turtleneck with white jeans. Add a red lip and red nails, and you’ve got a crisp, eye-catching outfit for Thanksgiving and Christmas time!





3. A dress and a poncho: an unstoppable duo. I would suggest wearing a fringe poncho over a long-sleeve dress that hits the middle or top of the knee. You want to make sure that the dress is still visible underneath the poncho to showcase the layered look. We don’t want to start a trend that involves only wearing a poncho! (Insert monkey covering its eyes emoji.)

Like anything, the key to this trend is finding the poncho and outfit combination that you feel most comfortable in. Try one of the examples found above, but don’t feel limited by them!

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