What to Wear on a First Date

What to Wear on a First Date

Let’s admit it: most women want advice on what to wear for a first date, and even on second and third dates! First dates are exciting! The feeling of butterflies and anticipation is often remembered for the rest of our lives. Even dates with the guys who didn’t woo us so much can be memorable. First dates give us funny stories to share—I always love hearing about the awkward ones! Whether you’re going to a coffee shop, eating at a classy restaurant, or having fun at a carnival, you’ll have three haute looks to choose from in hopes of a first date on which some warm and fuzzy memories are made!

1. Casual & Relaxed First Date
If your first date consists of sharing stories over a cup of joe, for example, it’s key to make sure your outfit is cute and flattering, but laid back. You don’t want to scare him by making a grand entrance wearing a brand new evening gown and your makeup professionally done. A casual first date outfit should involve three style tenets: fit, simplicity, and femininity. Throw on a flattering piece such as a cardigan or a material jacket (faux leather or leather would be too dressy and edgy for a relaxed first date). Next, choose a simple tee or a long sleeve top to layer under your cardigan or jacket. Lastly, add some femininity by wearing a long or short necklace. A pair of distressed or regular denim and booties, flats, or sandals will complete your look!


2. Dressy & Romantic First Date
Who doesn’t like a romantic dinner date? I think it’s important to wear something comfortable that you also feel confident and pretty in. If you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing on your first date, no matter the occasion, it’ll likely affect your confidence and will be a distraction for the rest of the night. A stylish and flirty dress or skirt would be perfect for a classy date night! If you choose to wear a skirt, consider pairing it with a silky neutral blouse and let your skirt be the statement piece. Just add some heels, boots/booties, or wedges, a necklace, and a wrap or a cute jacket to top off your look! This navy blue lace skirt is currently available online at LuLu’s for under $40.00.


3. Fun & Active First Date
On this type of date, you may have plans to go to a fair, play a round of mini golf, or enjoy some good music at a concert. A fun statement piece like a cool moto/bomber jacket, a choker necklace, or even a bold lip comes to mind when I think of an eventful first date such as this. At the same time, comfort is key like I’ve said before, but especially in the shoe department. Apart from sporting a moto/bomber jacket, choker necklace, or a bold lip, the rest of your look should be kept casual. Another outfit idea is to wear a cute plaid button-down with distressed denim and Converse or cowgirl boots in case you are attending a country concert.

Some of the best advice I’ve heard for a first date is to be yourself, and that includes your outfit! No matter where you’re going or what type of outfit you choose, make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and 100% you!

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