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5 Ways to Rid Your Life of Clutter

5 Ways to Rid Your Life of Clutter
Dr. Zoe Shaw, A Year of Self-Care

I recently helped my mother move from a three bedroom home into a one bedroom apartment. Shortly after that my husband and I also spent several days sorting through his father’s life’s possessions. After returning home from these exhausting endeavors I looked at the things that filled my closets, drawers, and cabinets and realized that as we live life, we accumulate clutter. It’s inevitable.

It took about 13 seconds for me to have a complete mental freak out over the future workload I’ve created! This mess would be mine to deal with during the next move we make. Suddenly a new resolution—I will spend the rest of this year tackling this weighty job before it becomes necessary.

Here are the 5 things I resolved:

1. If I haven’t used it in two years then it shouldn’t belong to me! Surely there is someone in this great nation that is pining over that chopper, special ladle, or one of the 24 baskets I have piled on my closet shelf. It should be theirs.

2. I will be able to view the floor of every closet. So I will make that happen. (Hopefully, not by putting in more shelves.)

3. The drawers full of makeup I once thought was a must-buy? It’s all going directly into the trashcan where it should have landed in the first place.

4. My daughters’ inheritance begins now. The family heirlooms, or even the things they will take, will soon be theirs.

5. Nothing new comes into my home until the old is gone. (The good news is that I’m going to save a boatload of cash!)

So join me if you will. Reduce the clutter. Rid yourself of the unnecessary belongings. You will have less to dust, and when the next moving day arrives, all who load the truck with you will celebrate. Especially you!

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