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Holistic Wellness podcast

Dar and Julie podcast promo picWe hear a lot about wellness lately, which is an expanded view of our health from a holistic standpoint: emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. Paying attention to each of these areas is vital for a healthy, invigorating life.

Drawing from her own history of debilitating health issues, wellness coach Rachel Hagstrom joins Darlene Brock and Julie Bender to talk more about what holistic wellness is. She also explains how you can begin to address each component to be in alignment with one another and your long-term goals, so you can walk away from this episode in control of your wellbeing!

Rachel is married to her favorite veteran (Go Army!) of 14 years, and is a mom to two spirited daughters and one kind goldendoodle. After years of struggling with health challenges, she decided to do her own research and make changes to take a more proactive approach toward her well-being. Now as a board-certified health and wellness coach, Rachel is passionate about walking alongside other women who seek opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation in their daily lives. When she’s not coaching, you’ll find her writing, reading, and spending time outdoors (most preferably next to the ocean, which only exists in her mind now that she lives in Dallas!)

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Quote of the episode:

Learning how to be aware of my thoughts and what I’m thinking and ruminating on was a total game changer.” —Rachel Hagstrom


—Develop your own wellness vision with Rachel’s Wheel of Wellness model
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