50 Weird Things That Make All Women Happy

50 Weird Things That Make All Women Happy

Many moments in life are great—like finding out you got a hefty pay raise or embarking on your much-anticipated summer vacation. But have you ever bought a dress and discovered it has pockets? Hardly anything else compares to that kind of joy! We have found there are few things that make all women happy.

So, to offer a few, many of our writers chimed in on some of their favorite weird things that make them happy. We thought we’d compile them and share the fun with you. Here are the things for us that are totally worth celebrating and never fail to put a smile on our faces.

50 Weird things that make all women happy.

1. Pockets…pockets, pockets everywhere.
2. When someone else changes the toilet paper roll.
3. The freedom of bra removal at the end of the day.
4. Solo time in the car jamming to your favorite music, believing you’re “cool” again.

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5. Finding money in the laundry—“finders keepers.”
6. Discovering a much-loved lipstick in the bottom of an old purse.
7. The perfect pair of jeans that make your butt look amazing, so you buy them in bulk.
8. Three life-altering words: takeout for dinner.
9. When last-minute plans are canceled, you get a free night.
10. A fully checked to-do list.
11. An empty email inbox.
12. Carrying all of the groceries in one trip without cutting off the blood supply.
13. A matching lid for all Tupperware containers.
14. The dryer is empty, and all the clothes are folded and put away (for two seconds).
15. You can zip up your pants after feeling certain they’d never fit.
16. An uninterrupted Netflix binge of your favorite show.
17. All socks in a load of laundry have a match.
18. Covertly eating candy with your kids in the room, and they never notice.
19. Entire conversations using only GIFs.
20. Amazon delivery notifications.
21. The lifelong loyalty of a good hairdresser relationship.
22. An amazing parking space in a crowded lot.
23. You buy something you really want and discover at checkout it is on sale.
24. When your kids are old enough to do their own laundry.
25. SILENCE, just silence.
26. Matching PJs.
27. Breakfast for dinner.
28. Hallmark movie marathons where NO ONE interrupts you.
29. Full moons and beautiful sunsets.
30. Good hair and makeup days.
31. Finding a pair of comfy yet sexy heels.
32. Random “I Love You” texts from the hubby/SO.
33. Power outlets on airplanes.
34. Finding your car keys without a struggle.
35. Fresh sheets (especially when someone else made the bed).

These 50 simple things that make all women happy, are totally worth celebrating and never fail to put a smile on our faces!

36. Clean kitchens (again with someone cleaning it).
37. Starting a brand new journal which means the past is behind you.
38. Going to the bathroom without an interruption.
39. When your jam comes on at the gym (or even the grocery store).
40. When you realize your shirt is on inside out BEFORE you leave the house.
41. New Emojis.
42. BOGO anything.
43. Figuring out your kids’ math homework without Google.
44. Family excursions without bickering.
45. Belly laughs with friends.
46. Freshly shaved legs on clean sheets.
47. A pretty mani or pedi.
48. Good concealer.
49. Strong coffee.
50. When your husband gets the grocery list right the first time without maps and GPS instructions!

We’re sure you have some of your own. Share those with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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