9 Awkward Moments in a Woman’s Life


Life is full of great moments, but there are also the ones that find us looking around to see if anyone else noticed. It’s the awkward moments that land a permanent place in our memory bank…

1. When crumbs fall in your cleavage and you just have to dig them out.

2. When you wear a wrap skirt on a windy day.

3. When you rub your eyes forgetting you’ve worn eyeliner.

4. You wave back at someone, then realize they were waving at the person behind you.

5. Type a lengthy text and send it to the wrong person (and they were mentioned in said text).

6. Asking someone in a store for a different size, then realizing they don’t work there.

7. Lip-syncing to your ear buds when those you pass think you’re talking to them.

8. When you subject yourself to the sales clerk bra fitting with the goal of buying a bra that actually fits.

9. Attempting to parallel park in front of a sidewalk café.

Our awkward moments are part of what makes us quite beautiful, and when our embarrassment leads to engagement with others we discover that we are all more alike than we ever realized. Here’s more proof – 10 Funny Things All Women Do.

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