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Do you have a passion for writing? A personal story that you know other women would benefit from? Do you want to offer women encouragement? Maybe you have older kids and desire to pour into new moms. Have you survived the terrible-twos? Are you at the place you are dealing with middle school meltdown, high school drama, or considering a new life direction? Or have you walked a hard road as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend and want to encourage women through your story? We’re looking for you.

Why not consider becoming a writer for The Grit and Grace Project? Join our community of real women inspiring and encouraging each other through all of life’s joys and struggles!

Here’s how you can use your voice…

Become a Part of Our Team

Team writers are committed to our vision of providing real, practical, and encouraging articles for women who value personal strength and desire to grow into a woman of both grit and grace. Our writers submit at least one article a month and allow 60 days of exclusivity for The Grit and Grace Project. If a team writer has a personal website where they publish their own content regularly, they may also submit that material in addition to one exclusive article for The Grit and Grace Project.

Become a Guest Writer

Guest writers are also passionate about our vision but may contribute only one article to our website, or several, over the course of time. Sometimes a guest writer is a woman with a personal story so gripping that she simply must share it with the world. Our community offers a safe place for women to tell these stories of finding strength and overcoming adversity. We believe these stories are crucial to the success and encouragement for the woman who feels alone on a long, hard road. She needs the wisdom and insight from a woman who’s already blazed the trail.

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Or, a guest writer may have a number of things they wish to share but simply cannot make the commitment of submitting an article every month. Every so often, we will publish anonymous articles when a woman feels led to share her story, but wants to maintain discretion.

How to get started…

Tell us a little bit about yourself or your personal experience that other women would benefit from. Click here to fill out our application.

Thank you for connecting with us and sharing our heart for laughing, learning, relating, and redefining a woman’s strength, while living a #gritandgracelife.

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