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What I Learned From Making the Hardest Choice with Shannon Barbosa – 110


Hard choices are part of life. Regardless of being strong women, when we are faced with a big decision, many of us just want to take the easiest way out. We try our best to avoid facing the difficulties that come with making the harder choice. Why should we, couldn’t we just take the easy way out?

In this episode of This Grit and Grace Life, hosts Darlene and Julie chat with Shannon Barbosa, a friend and writer for The Grit and Grace Project. Through sharing HerStory, Shannon shines light on the miracles that come from making the hardest choice.

HerStory is a brand-new category on The Grit and Grace Project online magazine and is a place where strong women tell their story. It’s a place where they reveal the challenges they have faced, the hurts they have walked through, and the healing they have found. It’s a safe space where women can speak with vulnerability, honesty, and transparency about their struggles. There is nothing more encouraging than hearing, “She dealt with this, she got through this, it was hard, it was challenging, but look where she is now.” Darlene and Julie bring Shannon’s HerStory to life by inviting her on the podcast.

Shannon opens up about becoming pregnant as a 15-year-old girl and having to choose whether or not to keep the baby. By listening to this episode, Shannon will show you how the best things in life arise from the difficulties you’ve faced and why making the hardest decisions are essential in living out the plan God has for you. This story will inspire, challenge, and encourage you. Listen now and share it with a woman who needs to glean strength for her journey.

Shannon Barbosa is a 40-year-old Christian woman, wife, mother, freelance writer, motivational speaker, and founder of From the Ruins, a ministry that longs to help hurting and grieving people find hope in their brokenness. You can read more from Shannon here!


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Quote of the episode:

“Love protects at all costs. Love conquers fear. Love always chooses life. Love wins. Every single time.” Shannon Barbosa

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