Focus On Today and Tomorrow You’ll Be Glad

Sometimes we get mixed messages. On the one hand, we are told to prepare for the future. On another, wisdom says not to worry about tomorrow. I think it’s fine to plan for the future and not neglect our responsibilities, but what about today? Are we living today?

I’ve begun a new way of eating recently that is grounded on eating healthier just for today. Let that sink in. When it comes to food, I’m learning not to fret about tomorrow’s food options or all the weddings I’ll be attending over the next several weeks and the delicious reception food and wedding cake that will be served. I’m just focused on eating better today. It has actually made quite an impact on me, and not just in being able to walk away from ice cream today. Not just in the weight loss I’ve already had or the growing self-confidence that I can actually do this.

Focusing on making better food choices today is causing me to examine other areas of my life in terms of today. For example, today I can choose to be a coach potato or I can choose to get up and accomplish some closet purging or other housework that I’ve put off. Today I can choose to have positive thoughts and a positive attitude toward myself and others. Today I can choose to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Today I can choose to be in the present and not obsess over the past or worry about the future.

There is power in thinking about living life one day at a time. Does that mean I shouldn’t make plans? No way! Part of the reason why it’s important to accomplish things today is so that I’m prepared for the future. I’ve been purging my house and reorganizing the guest bedrooms so that when my family members arrive for Thanksgiving, I’ll be ready for them. I’m choosing not to procrastinate with the intention of alleviating future stress. When they get here I can just enjoy their company! And not cook, because, well, no one really wants me to attempt to cook a Thanksgiving meal…but I digress.

Think of what you could do if you chose each day to do today. Could you also eat healthier? Move more? Forgive someone? Love someone better? Accomplish more at work and home? See yourself for who you’re created to be? Bless and not curse? Choose to end a bad habit? Begin a new good habit? Laugh more? Hug more? Rest more? Stop and smell the pumpkin spice everything?

It’s no small thing to consider the power of today.

And, since we are not promised tomorrow, perhaps choosing wisely today makes the most sense. Every new day is a gift, a chance to begin again. We may have to make amends for yesterday or even plan ahead for tomorrow, but the point is to make the most of today, this moment in time that you have to use as you choose. Remember, today you can choose to do the right thing, whatever that may be for you. Choose to have the kind of day that when you fall into bed, you can rest well knowing that you made today count.

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