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After years of putting on a show, Megan is passionate about inspiring others to be exactly who they were created to be. She’s a deep thinker whose idea of a fun night is cuddling up in her white fuzzy robe catching up on shows and eating chocolate cake. Running keeps her sane and her dog, Franklin, makes her crazy. After graduating from Belmont University in 2015 with a degree in Christian Leadership. Megan has shared her story of identity to anyone who will listen. From Oregon to Florida she has lived all over the country cultivating a sense of home wherever her husband, Brian, and dog, Franklin, are. Family means more to her than anything and her fear of missing out keeps her introverted self on a constant adventure you can follow on Instagram. @meganmaymiller
Why It’s So Important to Have a Mentor and to Be One Too 2

For 12 years (or more) we are taught. Being enrolled in school gives us structure and a guidebook to living. We are given this

NEW When Her Yes Feels Like Your No Resize

Her post stared at me like a reflection in the mirror. She was up there sharing a message I could give, to thousands of

simple tips to destress manage stress

Are you stressed? It's okay to admit it if you are; we live in a fast-paced world with endless demands. Whether you're a working

How to Find Purpose in All That You Do

I constantly mistake the word purpose for role. If my purpose is motherhood, then I’m lost when my kids go to school. If my


I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not talking about the bedroom. I’m talking about the Groundhog Day cycle you find yourself in! I’ve

How to Pack For a Quick Trip (When You Travel Often)

The worst part about going out of town can often be packing. I will share a few of my favorite packing tips and then


Whether you’ve been a sports fan all your life or couldn’t care less about sports—you love the Olympics. The stories of the athletes overcoming


My first job was at a family-owned Italian restaurant in Newport Beach, CA called Mama D’s. The whole place was as big as my


In light of Stranger Things season two debuting October 27, we are reminiscing on everyone’s hero: Eleven. From killing bad guys to pigging out on Eggos, she


Before I was married I was FWB (friends with benefits) with a few guys and here’s why: I liked them, but they didn’t like me


I love my sisters; we're ridiculously close. In fact, they're my best friends. However, I'm not naive enough to think that all sisters are best


Apps are a daily, often hourly, part of our lives. We all have a bunch on our phones and tablets that we rarely (or


A Chick-Fil-A commercial caught my eye the other day. The company is advertising chicken for breakfast. Now I’m not here to talk about chicken