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If Suicide Has Touched Your Life, This Is for You

If Suicide Has Touched Your Life, This Is for You

Few things tear more deeply at the heart than the loss of someone to suicide. When the call comes, and the reality hits, it feels as if futility has thrust its way into your life. Control has lost, hope shattered, and you are left bereft missing someone you love. Instantly the questions begin. How could he/she? What was so bad that there was no other choice? What could I have done? The “if only’s” run rampant in your heart and mind.

Several of the writers at The Grit and Grace Project have walked this life reality. Through their writings, they have shared their stories, revealed their hearts, and offered a glimpse into the world that suicide ushers. The stories told, the insights given can bring healing to hearts that share the pain, and provide understanding to others.

If you are dealing with suicide, know someone who is contemplating it or want to understand a little better to love those who live through this well we think these will help. Cry with us, walk with us and find hope even in the heartbreak of life.

My Dad’s Suicide and the Hole in My Heart

My Dad's Suicide and the Hole in My HeartI knew my father was having a difficult time in life. It was so very unlike this man whose smile warmed the hearts of perfect strangers to see that smile so infrequently. But at the age of 50, having Read more

When Suicide Hit Home in the Life of This Psychologist

As a licensed psychologist, I have walked with many a patient who has lost a loved one to suicide. I have attended seminars on warning signs and how to help those who are suicidal. I have treated suicidal patients Read more

The Seesaw Aftermath of Losing My Husband to Suicide

The Seesaw Aftermath of Losing My Husband to SuicideI have never been able to reconcile my seesawing beliefs about suicide.

About the suicide of my Read more

When Someone You Love is Contemplating Suicide

When Someone You Love is Contemplating Suicide*The reality of suicide has touched the lives of several of the writers at The Grit & Grace Project so we are taking the opportunity to share Read more

Trauma, Grief, and Healing After Suicide

Trauma, Grief, and Healing After SuicideThis month my son’s best friend would have turned eighteen. He would have been enjoying his senior year and applying to colleges. He might have had his first job and first girlfriend. Instead, we are honoring his birthday while Read more

Surviving the Shadowlands of Teen Suicide

Surviving-the-Shadowlands-of-Teen-SuicideWhen my son was fourteen years old, he suddenly lost his best friend. The week began with an ordinary Monday. My son spent the morning chatting with his friend before school began, they passed each other in the hallways Read more

Teen Suicide

Teen SuicideLately I’ve been thinking about a difficult subject…teen suicide. There are simply too many of them. Even one is too many. Too many kids who believe they have no Read more

If suicide has touched your life, read this.

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