Women’s History Month: Celebrating Strong Women

Women’s History Month Celebrating Strong Women

We all know that women impact the world every single day, but we love the fact that the United States has deemed the month of March Women’s History Month. Here at The Grit and Grace Project, we are eager and thankful for the opportunity to recognize, along with our country, the contributions women have made to culture, history, and society. Throughout the month, we will honor some of our favorite strong women of history by posting articles highlighting them and their achievements.

Through The Grit and Grace Project, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know women who have encountered life’s challenges and walked through them, not around them. Because they’ve chosen this brave path, they’ve done so much more than simply endure difficulty—they’ve transformed it into something that has made them stronger, wiser, and kinder.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading their stories, click on a few of our favorites:

Married to the Badge: Not Your Typical Life

A Really Different Kind of Family

One Mother’s Story of Down Syndrome and Joy

My Dad’s Suicide and the Hole in My Heart

My Ex, My Kids and a Funeral

Because of Skylar

Although each woman who contributes to our world is diverse in her talents and life road, every single one is equally and inherently valuable. Every woman who has made or is currently making a difference understands what it means to live a life of grit and grace. If that is you, we celebrate you!

But, it’s also important to note that we are a community of women who celebrate strong women, and those who want to be. Sometimes life throws us a blow and we fall down (and maybe even fall apart), but that’s ok, because it’s in these moments that we discover a strength we never knew we possessed. So if you have yet to discover your grit, give yourself some grace. We need a balance of both in order to live a life of meaning.

Make no mistake, women can change the world!

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