4 Apps That Will Make the Working Woman’s Life Simpler

4 Apps That Will Make the Working Woman’s Life Simpler

I know the first thing you’re thinking is, “Aghh! I don’t need any more apps on my phone!” I get it … I have multiple pages of them that I’m constantly organizing and editing.

But hear me out. If you’re a working woman, you are always looking for ways to do literally everything better and faster. And there are some really cool apps out there that can help.

Below are 4 apps we’ve found to be time savers, money savers, and—sometimes—sanity savers:

1. Expensify
Yikes! You just found a wad of receipts in the bottom of your purse and your expense report is due today. If your handbag or car console is your filing system, this is the app for you. With more than four million users, Expensify is a proven tool for tracking receipts and business travel. If you have an expense account or run your own business, recording expenses is vital … because auditors and bosses have laser vision and will catch every one you forget to include. You can upload your receipts by photographing them with your smartphone camera and the app is smart enough to scan the important details, such as the amount and the date. It also allows you to record your mileage and create expense reports. Just imagine having quick production of accurate expense accounts every single month!

2. Dropbox
You’ve just left the office mid-day to pick up a sick child and a client calls and needs a file now! As you hang up, your boss texts you that she requires information that’s in a document on your computer. If this is even a remotely realistic scenario for you, you need Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage system for anything and everything. It safely stores all your documents, photos, and videos, giving you access to all your files in one place. You can pull off the road, and with a few quick taps on your phone send both pieces of information, generating kudos from a boss or client and peace of mind for yourself. Dropbox also allows you to send large files to other people—even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. The invite goes right to their email to access the file. You will never again have to say, “I can’t get you that right now.”

3. Trello
This project management app is a genius multitasker, plus super fun and super efficient by helping you organize using boards. Not only is Trello great for work projects, but you can also use it for anything personal—from organizing your kids’ sports schedules to planning a family vacation or just creating your weekly grocery list. At the office, Trello offers cool ways to collaborate with a team, allocate tasks, brainstorm ideas, and monitor projects and checklists. (The product marketing team at Kickstarter uses Trello to get an overview of where everyone is on a particular project). You can add photos and videos and invite as many friends, family members, or coworkers you want to join in. It’s free but there’s also a $9.99/month business class upgrade.

4. Mint
This one’s a little more personal … but we know every working woman wants to wisely manage her career earnings. Mint is a money manager and financial tracking app by the makers TurboTax® that lets you easily monitor all your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments. You can see everything in one place—where you’re spending, where you’re saving, and where you can save more. The app also helps you pay your bills on time, create a budget, track transactions, and plan and save for big expenses. No more hopping from one website to another trying to figure out where your money is and how you’re spending it!

Last but not least, all four of these apps are free for iPhone and Android users. So there’s literally nothing to lose—but so much to gain. Check them out, and if you have any recommendations to add, comment below!

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