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Welcome to Motherhood.
Motherhood issues could fill volumes. From raising children to feel strong, capable, and successful on their own to dealing with the everyday struggles of carpools, playdates, and exams — it’s a whirlwind. When most of the fun’s over and you’re left with an empty nest, it seems like it lasted just a few months. But while you’re in it, the challenges seem to never cease.
In our Motherhood section, we slow down and take stock of what being a mother really means. What does it mean to be a single mother? What does it mean to raise a child while working or to be a full-time caretaker? What should you expect when you’re expecting? All of these things and more fill the pages of our Motherhood section.
Expecting Mothers and Mothers of Little Ones
As a new mom or mom-to-be, you’ve got lots of questions. What new responsibilities will I have? What if my child [fill in the blank]? How do I keep my own identity as a mother?
Well, it turns out that all it truly takes to be a wonderful mother is a little grit, and a little (okay, a lot!) of grace. Here, we try to make the division easy — with articles and stories about the best of times and those about the times that try us the most. What’s important is connecting with other mothers who are going through — or have been through — the same things.
The Work Needed to One Day Let Go of Your “Babies”
Of course, they’ll always be your babies, but that doesn’t mean you should coddle and fuss over them the way you did when they were infants, because the goal is to prepare them for the day you won’t be there. On the site, we offer real life advice on how to do that. Not only do we speak to mothers we also have stories from mothers who are just returning to a home without children. Motherhood is a change for certain — but it doesn’t have to be a bad, it can be one of the most an amazing life changes a woman can have.
Find it all here on The Grit & Grace Project.

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