20 Things Moms Can Do (With a Little Extra Time)

20 Things Moms Can Do (With a Little Extra Time)

Oh, the things you moms can do… When the kids go back to school!

I know there are some of you mamas who absolutely love summer. You relish having your kids with you every minute of every day and doing all the fun things you don’t have time to do with them during the school year.

Others of you are pulling your hair out from trying to keep the littles so busy that they don’t end up beating on each other or crying “I’m bored” every 20 minutes.

Working women, you’re just ready for a break from the endless parade of summer camps… And the hefty bills for those, right?

Whatever your feelings about the kids going back to school, one thing is for certain—you will have more time for yourself. And that is simply too rich of a commodity to waste!

So here are some ideas for ways to spend your fall both productively and frivolously, because life must be a combination of both to keep us balanced:

1. Freshen the color on your sun and swimming pool-stressed hair. Splurge on a deep conditioning treatment, too.

2. Clean out one closet a week. That way they’ll all be pared down before the holidays when you will likely refill them. Write it on a calendar and stick to it.

3. Make coffee or lunch dates with all the friends you couldn’t connect with over the summer. (Discussion topics, here!)

4. Finish all the books (OK, how about just one book) you started in the summer and never got to finish because of “Mommmmmm, I need you!”

5. Start your Christmas gift lists early. Start picking up things you won’t change your mind about.

6. Buy yourself a beautiful journal. Write down your dreams and goals. Putting them on paper is clarifying. Look for ways to start pursuing one or more of them.

7. Put your feet up and catch up on all your favorite decorating, makeup, and fashion blogs. With coffee. And chocolate.

8. Eat ice cream. Yes, all by yourself!

9. Clear all the taped shows the kids insisted you record and never watched off your DVR.

10. Organize something. Anything! Your cleaning supplies, makeup drawer, coat closet. It doesn’t matter—even organizing just one thing is a stress-buster in a busy life.

11. Go to the dollar store and stock up on cards for every occasion. This will let you easily send encouragement when you hear of an unexpected illness, death, or birthday.

12. Sit somewhere beautiful like a park or beach for an hour and don’t do anything. Don’t look at your phone or read a book; just relax and enjoy what’s around you.

13. If your kids are going to get a lot of new toys for Christmas, get rid of the ones at the bottom of the toy boxes. If they’re in good condition, you can donate them to a place like Goodwill. If you have outgrown baby items (like a high chair or portable crib) that are in great shape, you can take them to a consignment store.

14. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi if you don’t get them regularly. Pick up your favorite gourmet coffee drink on the way.

15. Go shopping with a girlfriend, because none of us ever has time for this. Plus, it’s so refreshing to have someone to talk to without spending most of your time in the toy section.

16. After the school year is underway, take a gift of cash to each of your kids’ teachers, or ask them what supplies they desperately need and go buy it for them. Teachers are always in need and often spend their own money so their students aren’t lacking. If you’re a teacher, know this, we appreciate you!

17. The next time you make cookies for the kids, make a plate for one of your neighbors. For no reason.

18. Search our site using the tag feature for encouraging ways to address the areas where you feel challenged.

19. Line up a babysitter for a couple of dates in November/December so you and your hubby (or mom or sis) can Christmas shop together.

20. Crawl back in bed one morning after the kids get on the bus. You can go back to sleep, read, write a letter, listen to a podcast, or just call a friend—anything you consider to be relaxing “me” time. If you’re working, take a half personal day—it’s amazing what a slow morning can do for your spirit!

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