5 Simple Ways to Balance Mom Life


Friends ask me all the time, “How in the world do you find the time to run your own business and write articles?”

It is not like I am some superwoman!

In fact, if you ask my family, they will inform you that I am far from possessing any powers! I cannot do all things and do them well. So yeah, I am running my own home business, but my laundry pile is competing with Mt. Everest as we speak.

I have also had to make sacrifices along the way in order to find the time to do the things that I love, and I have some tools that help me get things done!

1. Community. I am involved in a few communities of people who hold me accountable to goals. We were not created to go rogue.

2. Exercise. I don’t do it to be skinny, I do it so I don’t go crazy! Talk about a stress reliever! I also do it to be strong for my family!

3. Eating Healthy. I am not talking about digesting low fat foods and food that taste like cardboard. I am talking about eating colorful foods that taste amazing. A diet high in sugar has been connected to anxiety and depression. You never want to start a “diet” that deprives you of the foods that you love or a plan that is so hard and complicated to follow that you will eventually fall off the wagon. You want to choose a plan that can easily fit into your lifestyle and is maintainable for the long run. I get to enjoy a good pizza, tacos, and sweets! I just don’t eat them every single day!

4. Dancing. Yep! That’s right! Some days I just have to dance it out in the middle of my messy kitchen and life!

5. Baths. If mommy is missing, most likely I have locked myself in the bathroom! I love to soak and destress with epsom salt and essential oils!

What tools do you have that help you get things done? Comment below {under related articles} with your own tips!

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